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How to Measure The Correct Length of Sanding Belt

How to Measure The Correct Length of Sanding Belt

Fabricators utilize sanding belts as effective tools to finish jobs fast and efficiently. They've taken the rigor out of woodworking and metalworking. The sanding belt is the most essential shaping, polishing, and sharpening tool.  Here in these tool layers are scraped away by a component of the belt sander that comes into contact with the workpiece.

Choosing the right sanding belt could also be a challenge, and failure can cause damage to both the materials you're working on and, therefore, the belt sander. Sanding Belts are used on the massive, powerful machines of the sanding world called belt sanders.

Before choosing sanding belts for metal shaping & polishing, make sure you have the correct belt length. For many of us measuring a belt with tape is simple, but remember it is a much necessary step. 

Sometimes, It can be costly to use a wrongly measure belt, especially if it is a custom-made belt. There are various methods for measuring sanding belts length that is commonly used. Let’s know how to measure a sanding belt?

How to Measure a Sanding Belt?

There are several methods for finding the proper belt size for your machinery. Three main ways are listed below-

Sanding Belt Size Guide:

  1. Simply tear apart an old, worn-out belt if you have one (straight cut). From end to end, measure the length of the sanding belt.

  2. If you don't want to finish a new and fresh belt, press it flat and measure from end to end. The length of your belt is equal to this value multiplied by two. (Most common size is a 4x36 sanding belt)

  3. If you don't have a belt to measure with, a piece of string will suffice. Wrap it around the belt sander in the same manner that you would a belt. Cut the string in half so that the ends touch, and then measure it from end to end. You can measure the width of the roller or contact wheel the belt will run against to calculate the belt's breadth.
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