2" x 42" Sanding Belts

2" x 42" Sanding belts are multipurpose belts that are ideal for woodworking and also for leather, rubber, plastic, and light metal working of nonferrous metals. It has a closed coat that ensures precision, aggressive cutting, and fine polishing. This tool removes surface irregularities, deburring, shaping, dimensioning, finishing, and blade sharpening. These 2-inch sanding belts continually fracture during use creating a new sharp point to grind, sand, cut, or polish. The ceramic grain sanding belt is designed for heavy grinding and hogging of hardened metals, such as steel.

2" x 42" Sanding belts

2" x 42" Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt

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2" x 42" Zirconia Sanding Belt

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2" x 42" Ceramic Sanding Belt

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Sanding Belt & Disc Cleaning Stick

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