4" x 24" Sanding Belts

4" x 24" Sanding Belts are intended for fast material removal and long sanding life. The sanding belts a perfect option for daily deburring, polishing, grinding, and sanding or ultra-fine finishing of any surface of the workpiece. These high-quality sanding belts are coated with hard-cutting aluminum oxide abrasives for excellent results on wood. It is ideal for high-speed sanding of flat surfaces where material removal is the priority. Each 4" x 24" sanding belt is best for rapid wood removal during dimensioning, flattening, and shaping.

4 x 24 Sanding Belts

4" x 24" Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt

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4" x 24" Zirconia Sanding Belt

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4" x 24" Ceramic Sanding Belt

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Sanding Belt & Disc Cleaning Stick

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