2" x 48" Sanding Belts

2" x 48" Sanding belts are designed with expertly crafted seams that won’t break under pressure and allow for faster cutting and cooler stock removal. The grain structure of these sanding belts provides continuous renewal of the most consistent and uniform cutting edges. It is ideal for finishing wood, aluminum, non-ferrous metal, plastic, fiberglass. These 2" x 48" sanding belts provide the ultimate in performance, value, durability, and versatility. They are excellent for use with both narrow and wide belts.

2 x 48 Sanding belts

2" x 48" Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt

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2" x 48" Zirconia Sanding Belt

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2" x 48" Ceramic Sanding Belt

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Sanding Belt & Disc Cleaning Stick

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