2" x 36" Sanding Belts

2" x 36" Sanding belts are made for general purpose grinding, sanding, polishing, or deburring. They are made with premium ceramic, zirconia, and aluminum oxide grains affixed to a cloth backing using resin bond for long life. These belts are the most commonly sold due to their versatility and affordability. The sanding belts provide continuous renewal of the most consistent and uniform cutting edges. It can be attached to a portable belt sander, bench stand grinder, back stand belt grinder, or knife belt sander. Our sanding belts provide high-speed sanding and finishing in a variety of materials.

2" x 36" Sanding belts

2" x 36" Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt

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2" x 36" Zirconia Sanding Belt

Benchmark Abrasives


2" x 36" Ceramic Sanding Belt

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Sanding Belt & Disc Cleaning Stick

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