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What are Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts Used For?

What are aluminum oxide sanding belts used for

The most adaptable synthetic abrasive grain, aluminum oxide, is available in three colors: pink, white, brown, or semi-friable. Aluminum and oxygen are combined chemically to generate aluminum oxide, which is broken down and separated by grit size using mesh screens. On the Mohs Hardness Scale, which quantifies how resistant materials are to scratching, each variety measures roughly a 9. According to the Mohs scale, common minerals are ranked from one to 10, with Talc at the bottom and Diamond at the top.

Various backing materials with both open and closed coatings are available for aluminum oxide-based coated abrasives that can be utilized for hand, power, and belt sanding applications.

Pink Aluminum Oxide

On various surfaces and in various forms, pink aluminum oxide is offered in a range of coarse to fine grits. Aggressive sanding works best on soft materials, like wood.

White Aluminum Oxide

From coarse to fine grit, items in various formats and backings are offered in white aluminum oxide. For the most part, white sand belts work well with wood, giving you a cool sanding experience for rough sanding wood and lacquers. It is also useful in between finish coats on your woodworking projects.

Brown/Semi-Friable Aluminum Oxide

Because of its adaptability, brown or semi-flexible aluminum oxide is the most common form. It is offered in products ranging from coarse to microgrid, with various backings and forms. Hard substrates like metal (especially soft metals), fiberglass, drywall, painted/primed surfaces, and wood generally perform effectively with it.

This grain works well for removing wood and metal stock when used at coarser grits, between 80 and 180, with medium pressure/tension. It allows the grains to break and re-sharpen, lengthening the product's lifespan. This material works well for finishing and polishing metal when used at finer grits, between 600 and 800.


Which abrasive grain, and thus, which "sandpaper" will be optimal for your specific application, depends on various factors. Using a different material, or a mix of materials and grits, may eventually be more cost-effective, longer-lasting, and even more successful, even if you only use one basic material. Aluminum oxide is the most popular and affordable of our products.

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