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How to Use a Grinding Wheel

How to Use a Grinding Wheel

An abrasive tool with sharp cutting edges on its surface called a Grinding Wheel. Grinding wheels are intended to achieve accurate finishes and close ends of geometry efficiently. For cutting and finishing purposes, there are distinct types of grinding wheels and discs available.

In the metal industry, the grinding wheel is a standard cutting tool. It is used to cut various sizes, shapes, and efficiency of metals. Two things make up the Grinding Wheel, the abrasive cutting compound used for grinding and the bond formed between the abrasives. 

How to Use a Grinding Wheel?

Grinding wheels are made from abrasive grains attached by a bonding material. 

The ability of an abrasives wheel are determined by the abrasive uses in making the wheel. The hardness, toughness, and skill to cut sharp edges are also determined by the abrasive used. The bonding or coating material is used to give structure and shape the quality to the grinding wheel.

Additional Tips on How to Use a Grinding Wheel 

  • Before mounting the grinding wheel on the grinder machine, Check it for any crack and damages.
  • Make sure to maintain the operating speed of the wheel, do not cross the rated wheel speed.
  • Make sure grinding wheels fit properly in the machine arbor before working. Keep the flanges flat, clean, and proper size for the mounting wheel.
  • Run the grinding wheel securely at least for 1 minute before use on metal or work surfaces.
  • Always use a wheel guard with a grinding machine. 
  • For face safety, Always wear safety glasses to avoid grinding sparks.
  • Carefully store and handle the grinding wheel before and after use.

Uses of Grinding Wheel 

Here are some main uses of grinding wheels;

  • High Performance - Grinding wheels can complete the task with very high sensitivity. 
  • Supports Multiple Moulding - The main purpose of a grinding wheel is to give various shapes to metals. The grinding wheels are available in multiple forms like round, square, cup, and dishes.
  • Hard Metal Grinding - The grinding wheel is ideal for cutting a good range of materials and capable of performing hard grinding tools, like steel and other hard metals.

The Cutting wheel consists of a substance that is bound together by the cementing matrix of the bond and coarse particles. This contributes to the development of the solid circular shape of the grinding wheel of various kinds.

There are different profiles and cross-sections available when counting on the use of the wheel. In general, solid steel and aluminum steel are used to create wheel-particle bonds with the aid of natural composite stones such as millstones.

Benefits of Using Grinding Wheel

The main application of grinding wheels is to use them for the cutting process apart from the more recently developed methods of spark and chemical machining. The main benefits of using grinding wheels are as follows:

  • It can cut Hardened steel.
  • Extremely smooth finishing
  • The work is often finished to accurate dimensions during a comparatively short time.
  • Very little pressure is required. It allows the utilization of grinding on very light work and enables magnetic chucks to hold the job.
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