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Allan Gibson (@ggspeedshop)

Welcome to this week's #benchmarkspotlight (formerly the #weldershowcase) - we had the opportunity to sit down with Allen from @ggspeedshop and talk a little shop.
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Enjoy and Grind On!


Name:  Alexander Baker
Business Name:   Gibson Garage
Location:  Oroville, CA
Socials: IG: @ggspeedshop  FB: Gibson Garage  TikTok: @gibsongaragess
YouTube: GibsonGarage
Specialties:   Garage hotrodding
Tell us about yourself - what inspired you to get into your trade? And how long?
Since I could drive I've been wanting to go faster working on cars and trying to make them better just came natural
What keeps you motivated throughout the day?
Earning a living for my family 
What is your favorite shop tool and why?
Tubing bender was a big milestone for me
What's your favorite piece that you've worked on?
The scooter but my truck more recently 
If you could have any job as it relates to question 1 what would it be and what would you do with that?
Building cars I'm basically doing it I would just like to build a business big enough to leave behind for my boys
What BA product is your favorite and why?
Its gotta be the new grinder hood, with respirator and ear protection its the all in one solution 
What BA product surprised you in terms of quality - what about it set it apart from the competition?
Well I've just made my first purchase and haven't used anything yet on video but I am excited about the 3/8" by 13" little sanding belts for my new air tool
What tips and tricks do you have for us that might be different or eye opening for others to try with BA product?
Having the right tool for the right job a good variety of sanding tools is very helpful
If there was one person you could collaborate with - who would it be and why?
Venomous carbon or Carbon Creations or someone like that my dream is to have a carbon fiber one piece from clip that flips forward which would require lots of frame modifications and building brackets and hinges lots of opportunities to use your products LOL
Do you have any advice for the next generation that you wish you had when you first started?
Don't hesitate to get into it as soon as possible don't be afraid to try don't be afraid to make mistakes cut it weld it cut it again try again keep trying again mistakes are how we learn So the faster you get it over with the faster you're the best
What are your future plans for your shop?
Just to grow as much as possible really build all kinds of different cars as I can and get my kids into cars and trucks and racing on the road drifting around corners or climbing up dirt hills


A Note From Leo
Thanks for sharing your story with us, Allan! From one father to another, it's always goal #1 to be able to leave a legacy behind for your kids to take over. We hope that you get yours going.
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