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Al Theriault (@theweld_inspector)

Welcome to this week's #weldershowcase - we had the opportunity to sit down with Al from @theweld_inspector and talk a little shop.
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Enjoy and Grind On!



Name:  Al Theriault

Business Name:  575 Customs

Location: Ontario, Canada

Socials: IG: @theweld_inspector

Specialties: Stainless, Aluminum, Steel Fabrication & Welding / Welding Inspection

Tell us about yourself - what inspired you to get into your trade? And how long?
Welding was introduced to me as a second career option 17 Years ago. I decided to go for it! Right away I enjoyed the challenges that this trade offered. I started off in the field as a contractor doing SMAW and then went into a few different shops doing FCAW and MCAW and GMAW. Eventually I landed a job in one of the most advanced welding shops of our city, which allowed me to learn how to tig weld and make a wide variety of equipment/products. Then, I got a phone call, offering me to become an inspector and become certified with the Canadian Welding Bureau. So, I decided to give it a go. Little did I know that I would miss welding so much that I would end up turning my one car garage in my Little Big Shop and start my own side hustle!
  What keeps you motivated throughout the day?
The continuous push forward to become the better version of myself in life and in my trade. I enjoy learning new things and achieving them is the ultimate feeling!
What is your favorite shop tool and why?
My favorite shop tool would have to be my Everlast MTS275 Lightning. Being a multi process welder, having the welding equipment that can follow where I lead has been absolutely awesome!
  What's your favorite piece that you've worked on?
This is a hard one... I built an enclosed cab 27' Sport Fishing boat for my boss back in the day, that's got to be one of my top picks. But the pride I had when I finished my first stainless steel Lilly flower was definitely my favorite from my little shop.
If you could have any job as it relates to question 1 what would it be and what would you do with that?
I absolutely love my trade and helping others. I can't see myself doing anything else. I was recently talked to about teaching at a local college, so that might be in the books in the future for me.
What BA product is your favorite and why?
I've only had the opportunity to use the flap discs so far and let me tell you the 120grits are smooth!
What BA product surprised you in terms of quality - what about it set it apart from the competition?
The flap discs are designed in a way that they stay cool and don't smudge and leave a very clean surface.
What tips and tricks do you have for us that might be different or eye opening for others to try with BA product?
Always push your quality to the next level! Having a clean surface to start with will always result in a better finished product.
If there was one person you could collaborate with - who would it be and why?
There's so many amazing artists and makers out there to choose from!! I wouldn't mind working with @russelbilt.
Do you have any advice for the next generation that you wish you had when you first started?
Stay humble, there's always more to learn!
What are your future plans for your shop?
I want to get into custom furniture and more art pieces.
Thanks for sitting with us and sharing your story with the community - is there anything you'd like to add?  
The best is yet to come! Stay tuned


A Note From Leo
Thanks for sharing your story with us, Al! It's always best when you already have your dream job. Seems to be the case with a lot of welders. What am I waiting for?
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