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Cut, Grind, Finish! All-In-One Variety Pack

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Product Specification


Cut, Grind, Finish! All-In-One Mix Pack contains the following mix:

40 Grit T29 High Density Flap Disc - 2 pieces

60 Grit T29 High Density Flap Disc - 2 pieces

80 Grit T29 High Density Flap Disc - 2 pieces

4.5"x.040"x7/8" Type 1 Cutting Wheels - 4 pieces

4.5"x.040"x7/8" Type 27 Cutting Wheels - 4 pieces

4.5"x1/4"x7/8" Type 27 Grinding Wheels - 2 pieces

We regularly receive requests for samples or sample packs and we've finally decided to add it to our website. Here it is - a simple, cost-effective opportunity to test out our core products.

Flap discs are used in heavy stock removal, often weld removal. They outperform Resin Fiber Discs due to their increased lifetime and last twice as long as Aluminum Oxide discs. To achieve a finish equivalent to a Resin Fiber Disc, always use a flap disc one grit coarser. e.g. If the operator is running a 60 grit Resin Fiber Disc, try a 40 grit flap disc. This 40 grit flap disc is made with Zirconia Alumina grain, which is ideal for stainless steel and metal applications while still working well with non-ferrous applications.

The Type 29 angled face allows for 90% of the abrasive material to be in contact with the work surface, yielding maximal grinding surface area for greater ease, effectiveness, and speed. We use a high quality backing plate to help absorb vibration. Specific suited applications include weld blending, removing weld slag, deburring, edge blending, surface conditioning, and general metal fabrication. 'Jumbo' or 'High-Density' flap discs usually contain 30-60% more surface area for grinding.

Bottom line, these cut off wheels offer LESS cutting resistance for fast work, LESS work piece waste, LESS vibration, LESS burrs and sparks and LESS dust than the competition. 

Quantity: 16 pieces


  • Outer Diameter– 4-1/2”
  • Thickness – various
  • Inner Diameter – 7/8”
  • Max RPM – 13,500
  • Type – various

Machines Used On:

  • Angle Grinders sized 4-1/2” to 5“.


  • Ferrous Materials – Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless, Steel, Titanium, Nickel, Wrought Iron

Safety Tips:

  • Always wear proper PPE to include (but not limited to) safety glasses, hearing protection, respirator, and hand protection.  Keep all guards in place on your machine.



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