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Abrasives in Medical Device Manufacturing: Ensuring Precision and Safety


Abrasives in Medical Device Manufacturing

The business of meeting the demands of the modern patient for orthopedic implants and precision medical equipment is highly competitive. The need for implants and various surgical treatments is anticipated to increase rapidly as the baby boomer generation ages. However, the need for more precise surface finishes and tolerances, quicker turnaround times, fewer production runs, and lower costs has also increased.  We can assist there, and improving science is the first step in that direction.


Ceramic aluminum oxide triangles with a specific shape, consistent size, and vertical orientation make up abrasives. Instead of gouging or plowing through the metal, these self-sharpening triangles are made to fracture as they wear, continually generating new, razor-sharp points and edges that cut through the material like a knife. This lessens the likelihood of heat-related stress cracks and discoloration by keeping heat from accumulating inside the workpiece. Furthermore, the abrasive itself lasts up to four times longer than traditional ceramic grain belts since it remains sharper and colder!

Sharp points and edges are constantly formed as the triangle grain wears, resulting in a faster, cooler cutting action.

Conventional ceramic abrasive grain, on the other hand, is uneven and blocky. The grain tends to "plow" through the metal rather than machining it cleanly, which builds up heat in the workpiece and the abrasive and causes a slower cut, a shorter belt life, and unfavorable consequences like burnishing. 


The Benchmark Abrasives line of surface conditioning products includes a range of nonwoven synthetic fiber webs and molded wheels impregnated with abrasive minerals. These solutions work well for surface improvement tasks like cleaning, blending, deburring, finishing, and polishing without causing the workpiece's shape or dimensions to change noticeably. 

The open web construction of benchmark abrasives prevents loading and allows them to operate coolly. This prolongs the wheel's life and lowers the possibility of warping and discoloration of the component.


Our quality abrasive products, which are made from the latest technology that are evenly spaced across the substrate. Our abrasives have a uniform arrangement that helps give more consistent finishes with higher cut rates and more excellent grinding and finishing temperatures than conventional abrasives, which are made of irregularly shaped and randomly spaced minerals. The Benchmark Abrasives products enable quick, precise, uniform finishes that lower reject rates and boost worker output. Furthermore, compared to traditional belts, Benchmark abrasive belts have a five-fold longer lifespan.


For robotic and manual removal of mill scale, rough dimensioning, parting lines, gates, and flashing, benchmark abrasives are perfect. Even on exotic, challenging-to-process alloys and ceramic coatings, benchmark abrasives' reliable high performance and cutting efficiency make it easier for you to meet customer cost and delivery requirements. With minimal dependence on operator expertise, these sophisticated, long-lasting abrasives assist in ensuring consistent, high-quality outcomes. They are made to be "user friendly."


Benchmark abrasives offer a range of options to decrease the number of stages in the abrasive process and enhance the number of parts produced per belt. The products shown here are utilized for surface flaws such as light and heavy burs, gate witness blending, and scale removal. Their extended lifespan and excellent efficiency can speed up deliveries and lower labor and consumable costs.


Benchmark Abrasives provides a range of cutting-edge abrasive technologies for polishing, deburring, and finishing. With their time- and step-saving design, benchmark abrasives are compatible with modern, challenging-to-process metals and other sophisticated materials, facilitating your ability to meet your customers' demands for surface finishes and tolerances on schedule and under budget.

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