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Cut-off Wheel vs Grinding Wheel: Differences Between them?

Cut-off Wheel vs Grinding Wheel

The thickness of a disc is the main difference between the cut-off wheel and the grinding wheel.

Cut-off wheels and grinding wheels both are used by metal fabrication and manufacturing industries to cut or remove excess material from workpieces. The cut-off wheels are widely used for cutting metals whereas the grinding wheel grinds the metal surface for smooth finishing. What more makes them different? Let’s know,

Cut-off Wheel vs. Grinding Wheel

Cutting wheels or cut-off wheels have different applications and structures than grinding wheels.

Cut-off wheels cut small material workpieces at 90-degree angles, whereas grinding wheels grind large material workpieces from a low angle. As a result, cut-off wheels are quite thinner than grinding wheels. Cut-off wheel thinness provides more clean, and accurate cuts.

Cut-off wheels are used for cutting on the peripheral surface. Why?

  • Cut-off wheels are thin, so not preferable for side cutting.
  • The fiberglass reinforcing adds strength to the cutting wheel. Do not use the side of the wheel this can damage or break the wheel.

Grinding must only be done on the surface of the wheel. But, when it comes to edge grinding, using a cut-off wheel can be risky. It can break the wheel when use side for deburring or grinding. The workpiece has the potential to cut through the reinforcing side fiberglass, causing the wheel to deteriorate. The thin cut-off wheels cannot resist heavy sideload, whereas the thicker grinding wheels can resist against powerful sideload.

The grinding wheel is thicker than a cut-off wheel. 4 1/2 inch metal grinding wheel is considered ideal for fast stock removal with long service. An abrasive bonded grinding wheel must be at least 1/4″ thick.

Choosing Cut-off wheels and Grinding wheels

Consider all the factors such as Abrasive grain, size, shape, and material are important factors when choosing the best cut-off wheel or a grinding wheel.

The ideal selection of cut-off wheel and grinding wheel depends on the type of metal you are cutting. When compared to the smaller or thin workpiece, thick metal sheets require more powerful grinding wheels.
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