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Difference Between Diamond and Bonded Cut off Wheels

Difference Between Diamond and Bonded Cut off Wheels

The method of grinding, sanding, cutting, sharpening, and polishing all depends on the selection of the cut-off wheel for deburring.

Today, Here in this article we'll look at two options that focus on cutting through hard material. There are mainly two types of cut-off wheels diamond cut-off wheels and bonded cut-off wheels. 

What's the difference between them and how to choose the best cut-off wheel? let's know,

What is Bonded Cut-Off Wheels?

These wheels are standard cut-off wheels, and they're the most commonly available cutting wheels. The bonded cut-off wheel has a similar structure to the bonded grinding wheel.

Thousands of sharp, abrasive grains are bonded together by a resinoid substance that allows the cutting wheel to cut effectively. New, sharp grains emerge when the bonding and rough grains wear away. This enhances the lifespan of the wheel.

There are two types of bonded abrasive cutting wheels: 

  • Type-1 a flat wheel 
  • Type-27 wheel with a raised center hub

What is Diamond Cut-Off Wheels?

The diamond cut-off wheel is a cutting wheel having a diamond coating on its cutting edges. This is a good alternative to the abrasive wheel. Polycrystalline diamond is made in a laboratory using a high-intensity method. To create the wheel's cutting edge, diamond particles are fused with a carbide substrate and brazed onto a tool body.

Diamond blades are high resistance to wear and tear, so they last longer than bonded wheels. Diamond cut-off wheels can easily cut through steel, metal sheet, tiles, stone. ceramic and other materials.

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So, after understanding both types of wheels individually. What should you choose? Bonded cutting wheel or diamond coated wheels. Let’s find the answer.

Diamond VS Bonded Cut off Wheels

Both bonded and diamond cut-off wheels have their own advantages and disadvantages. In most applications, the bonded wheel cuts faster than the diamond cutting wheel over the course of its life. However, it wears out far more quickly.

A diamond cutting wheel is a safe option for hard metal cutting. Bonded cut-off wheels produce more sparks than diamond cut-off wheels because the grains and bonding of the bonded wheel are ground at the same time.

A bonded cutting wheel provides more options while a diamond wheel is likely to be more versatile in terms of materials. Diamond wheels work more effectively on ceramic tiles and concrete.

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