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How Does a Spade Bit Work

How Does a Spade Bit Work

A spade bit is a flat wood-boring drill bit also known as a paddle bit, used to drill holes in wood, plastic, and other materials. It has two sharp-edged lips, spurs, and a center point for more effective drilling into wood. 

What is a Spade bit?

The Spade drill bit was invented by the Irwins Tool Company in 1968. The spade or paddle bit is designed for quick drilling into wood, also capable of removing wood shavings and dust from boreholes. The use of spade bits is not only restricted to wood, some spade bits can drill through thin metals as well.

They can also drill large diameter holes and flat bottom holes, large size spade bits are available in 1/2" inch, 1" inch, and 1-1/2" inch size. To get the best drill bit set for wood and metal, visit our store.

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How Does Spade Drill Bit Work?

Spade bits are among the most popular and simple drill bits. This is a flat wood boring drill bit with sharp edges on opposite sides. The spade bit works with its center point, lips, spurs, and long shank.


In the first step, when drilling through wood, the center point is the first part of the spade bits that comes into contact with the wood. The center point of the spade bit prevents the sliding of the drill from the workpiece.


In the second step, spurs of spade bits are used. After the center point, the spurs enter the inside of the wood, since they have sharp edges, they cut the hole in a circular form. The spurs of the spade bits are primarily responsible for effectively cutting wood from the outside.


In the final step, the lips of the spade bits are used. The lips cut the material through the bottom of the hole. The lip of the spade bit is also responsible for removing waste material from the hole during drilling.

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Important Factors to Consider While using a Spade Bit

As a beginner, drilling holes in wood using spade bits is not as easy as it seems. Although a spade bit is simple to use, still as a beginner, there are a few important things to keep in mind regarding using spade bits for a woodworking project.

The first thing to consider is that the central point of the spade bit is too long, so never drill through a workpiece that is placed directly on your bench.

Secondly, place a spare wood sheet behind the workpiece you are drilling through. This will not only prevent tear-out also protect your workshop tools.

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