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How to Choose High Quality Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr

How to Choose High Quality Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr

Tungsten carbide rotary burrs also referred to as carbide high-speed assorted milling cutters, are used with high-speed electric mills or pneumatic tools. It is essentially utilized in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, industry, craft carving, and other industrial sectors, with remarkable effect. So the way to choose high-quality tungsten carbide rotary burrs for metal is significant for operator and procurement staff. There are several methods for choosing a high-quality tungsten carbide rotary burr.

The thickness of the Carbide Burr Tooth

    The thickness of burr teeth is alleged to be selected consistent with allowance size of workpiece, machining accuracy, and material properties. Coarse tooth carbide burr is suitable for machining workpieces with large allowance, low dimensional accuracy, prominent form and position tolerance, considerable surface roughness value, and soft material; otherwise, fine-tooth carbide burr should be selected.

    Size and specification of carbide burr

      The size and specification of cemented tungsten carbide rotary burr bits should be selected consistent with the size of the workpiece and machining allowance. When machining size is large, and allowance is large, cemented carbide rotary burr with large size should be selected, or tungsten carbide rotary burr with small size should be selected.

      Teeth pattern of tungsten carbide burr

        The tooth pattern of the steel carbide die grinder bit should be chosen consistent with the properties of the workpiece material to be processed. When filing aluminum, copper, soft steel, and other soft materials, the most suitable option is a single tooth (milling teeth) carbide burr. Single tooth pattern file has a large front angle, slight wedge angle, large chip holding groove, complex chip blocking, and sharp leading edge.

        Tungsten carbide rotary burr covers various benefits and is primarily utilized in many fields.

        1. Can process forged iron, cast steel, steel, steel, chrome steel, copper, aluminum, other metals, marble, jade, bone, and other non-metallic.
        2. It can replace a small emery wheel with a handle without dust pollution.
        3. High production efficiency. Processing efficiency is ten times above that of manual burr and nearly ten times above that of a small emery wheel with a handle.
        4. Good processing quality and high finish. It can process all types of high-precision mold cavities.
        5. Long service life. Its durability is ten times above that of a high-speed steel tool and 200 times above that of a small emery wheel.
        6. Easy to master, easy to use, safe and reliable.
        7. Comprehensive processing costs are often reduced dozens of times.
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