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How to Sharpen an Auger Drill Bit (Using Auger Bit File)

How to Sharpen an Auger Drill Bit

Auger bit provides better control over a drill and is used to bore deeper holes for different applications. Auger bit is a must-have drill bit for woodworking. Most woodworkers are unaware of the fact that it can be sharpened to increase efficiency over time.

Now the question arises, how to sharpen a auger drill bit? For that

All you need is an auger bit file to sharpen auger drill bits.

Auger bit files are used for restoring auger bits. In other words, the file converts an old/unsharpened auger bit to a faster and more effective one.

How to Restore Auger Drill bits?

Sharpening starts with filing (use auger bit file) the auger bit spurs, make sure to keep both spurs at the same height to allow proper sharpening. In the second step, sharpen the guide screw of an auger bit. In the third final step, check the sharpening quality of the bit, by drilling a hole with the auger bit.

What is an Auger Bit File?

Auger bit file is the tool used for sharpening auger bits. This metal file has teeth on one side for better sharpening and metal finishing.. An auger bit sharpening file is primarily used to remove unwanted sharp edges and debris through the debugging process. The auger bit file is most commonly used for metalworking but has also been designed for use on wood and plastic material.

How to Use an Auger Bit File?

An auger bit file is a type of file specifically designed to reach inside the auger bit to sharpen a cutting blade without damaging the flight or guide screw. You can buy the best auger bit file separately and in only one size. 

How to use an auger bit file? Let’s know by using the file for sharpening the auger bit.

How to Sharpen an Auger Drill Bit with Auger Bit File

The Auger drill bit sharpening method is mainly divided into two simple processes, the first process involves sharpening auger bit tips/spurs, while the second process involves sharpening guide screws.

Process 1- Sharpening Auger bit tips and spurs

For sharpening auger bit tips and spurs follow three simple steps:

Step 1 – Sharpen the bit tips

In this step, we will sharpen the tips of your auger bit. The tips are present at the bottom of each spiral round, close to the guiding screw. Start by stroking them with an auger bit sharpening file. Repeat the process several times until the tips are sharp. Be sure to cut the tips at the proper angle. Initially mark the angle and fix it, don't change it later. This is necessary for sharpening the spurs of the auger bit for easier cutting.

Step 2 – Sharpen insides of spurs

In this step, we will sharpen the inside edge of the spurs. Start by filing inside the spurs with the same procedure, matching the file angle to the inner surface of the spurs so that stroking does not alter the tool geometry. Do not file outside the spurs as this will wear away the material on the edge of the bit and reduce the size of the hole it will drill.

Step 3 – Test the sharpness

By now your auger will be as sharp as a razor. It's time to check drill bit sharpness. You can drill a hole in a block or sheet of wood. If the problem is still occurring when drilling a fine hole, repeat step 1 with an auger bit sharpening file.

Process 2 - Sharpening the Guide Screw

After sharpening the auger bit tips and spurs, it's time to sharpen the guide screws. Follow three simple steps to properly sharpen an auger bit screw:

Step 1: Build a Reservoir

Build a Reservoir by Drilling a Hole in the Softwood Sheet. Let the screw go inside the sheet of wood completely. After removing the bit keep the borehole safe, as it will require in the next step.

Step 2: Apply Grinding Paste on the Screw

Apply some fine grinding paste on the screw and the borehole (which you made in step 1), you can use a toothbrush or a simple stick for this. To sharpen the thread of the screw after applying the paste, run the drill (drill in the same paste-contained hole). Turn it backward and forwards for a while. This will remove the dirt accumulated on the screw and sharpen the edges.

Step 3: Wipe off the excess paste

Remove the drill bit from the hole and wipe off the accumulated grinding paste on the screw. If your grinding paste is water-soluble, rinse the screw with water and wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth.

You have now a well-sharpened auger drill bit. That was all about sharpening and restoring auger bitsIn addition to a metal file, you can also use a bench grinder, belt sander, or drill bit sharpener to sharpen drill bits.
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