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The Difference Between Marble Cutter And Circular Saw

The Difference Between Marble Cutter And Circular Saw

Marble Cutter

The term "marble machine" refers to a machine for cutting stone, but you can also use it to cut wood, plastic, ceramic tiles, and other materials, depending on the material. The personnel must adhere to safe working procedures when cutting.

The marble machine performs similar tasks to circular saws and table saws without the need for a work table, is portable, and has a variety of applications. Making cuts, chamfers, and grooves is relatively straightforward.

Circular Saw

It can handle the majority of electric circular saws with both hands, and some even have left and right rudders. Cutting accuracy and personal safety are both considerably increased by two-handed operation. What are different types of power saws and their uses, click to know more.

The Protective Cover On Electric Circular Saws Has Two Advantages:

  • The saw needs to be set aside once the material has been cut; otherwise, the blade will continue to rotate. You can securely set the saw aside with the protective cover because the saw blade will harm nothing.
  • You can immediately plug the electric circular saw the next time you use it if the switch is off and you need to remember to turn it off. The saw blade will not harm any things because of the protective cover.

The electric circular saw has a dust cover that can shield the user's line of sight from flying wood chips. Additionally, you can connect a vacuum cleaner to the dust cover.

Marble Cutter Vs Circular Saw

The Basic Differences Between Marble Cutter And Circular Saw

  • The marble cutting machine is primarily made for cutting stone and other hard, dense materials. Electric circular saws are mainly used to cut soft materials like wood since when we think of sawing, we think of sawing trees and sawing wood.
  • When cutting the stone, the marble machine must employ diamond saw blades, and the feed required to cut these rigid materials is minimal. Because increasing the saw blade's speed is the only option to improve cutting speed, the marble machine runs at a constant 10,000 rpm;
When cutting wood with an electric circular saw, high-carbon steel, alloy steel, and other circular saw blades are used. Wood is a soft substance that requires a lot of infeed and torque. For high torque, the circular saw's design rotates at a speed of about 5000 revolutions per minute.
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