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Titanium Drill Bits vs Cobalt Drill Bits

Titanium Drill Bits vs Cobalt Drill Bits

Cobalt drill bits and titanium coated bits are two of the most durable forms of drill bits. Both cobalt and titanium drill bits are very strong and powerful. By coming into contact with other metals, they are designed to prevent overheating, that is why it is so necessary to use an HSS drill bit for metal drilling.

However, there are a few major variations between cobalt drill bits and titanium drill bits, Here you will find those differences.

The Main Differences Titanium Drill Bits vs Cobalt Drill Bits

The main differences between Titanium Drill Bits vs Cobalt Drill Bits are:

Titanium Drill Bits

Cobalt Drill Bits


Titanium Drill Bits are made of steel and coated with titanium nitride or carbonitride

Cobalt Drill Bits are made from a mixture of cobalt & steel alloys and are non-coated bits


Titanium Bits lose their coating over time & are less heat resistant bits

Cobalt Drill Bits last longer & are high heat resistant drill bits


Titanium Bits are effective for soft materials like wood, soft metals, plastics

Cobalt Bits work well with hard materials like cast iron or other metals


Titanium bits have a coating of titanium nitride, So while sharpening the bits there is the risk of losing the bit coating when you use a sharpener. Therefore, titanium bits have less lifespan

Cobalt bits have no coating, So there is no risk of its surface stripping away while sharpening them. Therefore, cobalt drill bits 

have a longer lifespan than titanium bits


Titanium drill bits are less expensive than Cobalt drill bits. As they are less durable and less lifespan

Cobalt bits are more durable and have a longer life span, So you have to pay more for 

cobalt bits


Two types of High-Speed Steel (HSS) bits are cobalt and titanium drill bits for metal. They are both made of steel, but their coating is where it make difference between them. Cobalt and titanium drill bits are able to work with any power drill. These drill bits perform many of the same functions, and look similar, apart from their color.

These two drill bits are the most powerful among any other Drill Bits. They are designed to cut hard materials. While they're used more commonly for metal, and also work for hardwoods.


Both cobalt bits and titanium drill bits are common for metal applications, including materials such as iron, steel, and aluminum. They are used to make holes and drill screws through the tough metal. These bits are built to operate with high-speed drills, ensuring they can spin at maximum speeds without losing their shape when drilling through hard materials.


Titanium and cobalt bits are also used for making holes and drill in wood.

They also look similar to the twist bits (wood bits). They differ in their tips. Wood drill bits have a brad, which is a sharp, pointed piece, on their tips, it allows the bit to drill into the wood without slipping.

However, titanium and cobalt bits have a non-branded angled edge. When using them on wood surfaces, there is a risk of bit-shifting from the surface, which can slice or damage the wood workpiece.

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There are many similarities between cobalt drill bits for metal and titanium bits, and they are also used for some similar applications, but there are few differences. The main variations come in the composition of these drill bits.  Cobalt and titanium do not work exactly the same, so cobalt and titanium coatings will make your drill bits perform differently from each other.

  • Titanium drill bits are coated with titanium nitride or carbonitride. It has a gold and bluish-gray color. The coating is added to improve the drill bit power, while also allowing it to survive at maximum speed.
  • Cobalt drill bits have no coating. They are made with a combination of steel alloy & cobalt. The cobalt enhances the drill bits power, thus preventing the bit from getting too hot as it spins against other metals as well.


What is the best drill bits for metal between cobalt drill bits and titanium drill bits for your drilling project? This mostly relies on your short and long-term working goals. 

You can choose cobalt drill bits if you have a good investment amount and long-term projects, as we discussed earlier cobalt bits are a bit expensive, although they have a longer life and they are more durable. They are perfect to drill hard and tough metals. 

For soft metals and wood drill, you can choose titanium drill bits. It works well and cost you less. However, they need more regular sharpening and can lose their coating in the operation.

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