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Turbo vs Continuous Diamond Blade

Turbo vs Continuous Diamond Blade

Diamond blades are mainly used to cut hard materials. These blades are generally used in heavy metal industries. However, there are various diamond blades such as diamond turbo blade, continuous diamond blade, and segmented diamond blade. Let's understand the difference between two mainly used diamond blades: turbo diamond blades & continuous diamond blades.

Continuous Diamond Blade

The Continuous edge is quickly conspicuous because it doesn't contain portions or patterns like the other two diamond blades. This is mainly utilized for wet cutting. The expansion of water takes into account the cooling of the edge and helps eliminate garbage from the cut, the two of which would be inconceivable something else. The 10 inch continuous rim diamond blade cuts more slowly than the other two cutting edges, creating the best cut. When cutting materials that need a smooth, quality completion on the cut, or when you're worried about chipping the material, a Continuous edge is an ideal decision. It's regularly utilized with stone, marble, artistic tile, and porcelain. 

These are the cutting edges that have level nonstop edge fragments dependent on material: 


With a 12mm high persistent edge sharp edge, it's great for use on broad structure materials and stone, especially rooftop tiles, when either wet or dry cutting. Built-up spines around the drag guarantee inflexibility and straight cutting under the most requesting conditions. Request TODAY. 


This continuous diamond blade is used for dry or wet cutting of medium-hard tiles and ceramic tiles.

Turbo Diamond Blade

This diamond blade is particularly intended to cut quicker than different cutting edges. Indeed, even with the more modest fragments than the Segmented edge, the Turbo edge keeps the edge cool during cutting and can be utilized in wet or dry applications. Little openings are frequently utilized towards within the cutting edge likewise, which expands the cooling capacities. The Turbo diamond blade cuts comparative materials as the Segmented edge, yet can do as such quicker because of the distinction in its patterns. A more forceful cut is required when the material is very hard, a 14 inch diamond blade for concrete is the best fit. 

It is intended to cut quicker in wet and dry applications. Edges with super layered constant edge are reasonable for fired and porcelain tiles, stone, rooftop tiles, and other hard materials. 

These are the cutting edges that have level consistent edge sections dependent on material: 


The ridged consistent edge empowers smooth, excellent cutting and usability. It likewise cuts all the more forcefully on hard materials. The 12mm impregnated jewel sections give an extremely long life. Ideal for use on an exceptionally wide scope of medium to hard development materials, block paviours, rock, normal stone, rooftop tiles, and hard tiles.

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