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Types of Auger Bits

Types of Auger Bits

The auger bit features a helical screw blade for boring deep and enormous diameter holes into wood. It's the foremost common sorts of boring wood bits. Traditionally, it had been utilized in a hand brace. Currently, the wood-boring auger bits are made to be used both in power tools and brace.

All Auger Bits aren't the same; they are available during a sort of 'patterns' or shapes. They're longer than others bits which makes them excellent for long or deep holes. Differing types and styles of auger bits are available for boring holes. It consists of the feed screw, cutting lip, flute, spur, twist, shank, and tang.

Types of Auger Bits

Types of Auger Bits

There are different types, and styles of auger bits are available within the marketplace for boring holes. Each of the bits has unique designs to eject chips from the opening during drilling. Consistent with twisting the wood-boring auger bits are two types; single helical twist and double-helical twist.

The only helical twist features a solid center and one cutting twist, whereas the cutting twist is wrapped around the solid center. The double twist is also referred to as Jennings bit, a more robust and really fast chip cleaner.

Wood boring auger

It is the most typical sort of auger bit and may be used for drilling through thick pieces of wood to make channels for pipes or electrical cables. 

Triple-fluted wood bit

Examples of a triple-fluted wood bit Triple-fluted wood bits are aggressive and designed to chop rapidly through wood stock where neatness isn't a requirement. 

Carbide-tipped auger bit

It is a nail eater auger bit with a removable carbide insert Like regular wood-boring augers. Carbide-tipped augers are designed to be hard enough to chop through hidden nails, which might cause damage to other bits, meaning Carbide-tipped bits are likely to last for extended nails. 

Concrete auger

An example of a concrete auger bit Concrete augers is designed to be used with hammer drills. They supply the benefits that you would accompany wood augers, like efficient clearance of waste and a neat borehole, with masonry drill bits' resilience.

Ice auger

An example of an ice auger bit, which may be used with 18-volt hand drill drivers Ice augers, is enormous drill bits powered by cordless drills through an adapter's utilization. They're used to drill holes in thick ice by fishers. 

Earth auger

An example of an earth auger bit with a petroleum-powered driver Earth augers is extensive tools used to bore post holes into the soil. They're often utilized in gardens. They have a driver more potent than a cordless drill, like a chainsaw motor, to work.

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