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Types of Concrete Saw Blades

Types of Concrete Saw Blades

Types of Concrete Saw Blades

The potential tool used for cutting concrete, bricks, asphalt, and other solid materials is a concrete saw. It is often referred to as a road saw or Consaw. Concrete saw blades are diamond-tipped due to their fast cutting of hard materials. Concrete saws are more efficient than conventional saws.

Concrete saw blades are essential for the construction industry. It is used consistently and efficiently to cut concrete and another masonry. 

In today's market, there are various types of concrete saw blades available. The cutting blade selection depends on the depth of the concrete you are cutting. All concrete cutters serve the same function, while some of others are more durable and reliable than others for quality work.

In this article, we’ll discuss different types of concrete saw blades. Here you will also know the various methods of sawing concrete.

Methods of Sawing Concrete

There are two different methods of sawing, which are:

  • Dry Sawing
  • Wet Sawing

1. Dry Concrete Sawing 

For outdoor projects, the dry concrete sawing method is better as it creates a lot of dust on the sawing site. If it consists of a diamond, the blade of the Saw’s blade can be kept cold in the absence of water. 

A diamond blade can contribute to decreasing the build-up of dust. This technique involves making brisk cuts that are very small and are progressively made deeper to avoid the edge from heating. 

2. Wet Concrete Sawing 

Wet concrete sawing is an eco-friendly method of sawing as well as beneficial to the health of workers. It produces less dust due to the presence of water moisture. 

The water in the wet sawing keeps the blade self-lubricating, cool and increases the its lifespan.

Six Types of Concrete Saw Blades

Types of Concrete Saw Blades

The various kinds of concrete saw blades used to cut concrete depend on the role for which it is being used. There are six common forms of commonly used blades.

1. Corundum Masonry Blade

Corundum masonry blades are used for short and shallow cutting. Concrete is a hard material to cut, and that is why the edge of masonry don't last for longer. They quickly wear off or crack. 

The blades of the Corundum Masonry Blade are possibly available at low cost but need more hard work. Cutting with masonry blades produces a lot of dust that makes the edges very hot. Their primary use is for shallow cuts.

2. Diamond Blades 

Diamond blades are the most popular concrete saw blades for both wet and dry sawing. In concrete cutting, diamond saw blades are the most effective. These blades have a disc of steel that has a rim containing the diamonds. 


There are metal and diamond composite on the sides of the diamond blades. Diamond blades are used for more in-depth and longer cuts. They have serrated edges that, keep the blade cool during the cutting process when used for dry cutting. Although, It produces lots of dust.

There are different types of diamond blades to provide you the fastest and cleanest cuts.

3. Turbo-Rim Blade

Turbo rim blades are the traditional blades used to cut concrete. These blades with a serrated rim that cuts through rough and hard materials such as concrete and bricks. 

The main reason why most professionals choose this unique concrete cutting blade is that it is more potent than other brands of continuous rim blades. However, even though the turbo-rim blade is reliable for cutting concrete, it does not leave a smooth finish because of the serrated rim.

4. Segmented Blades

Segmented blades cut concrete through their diamond edges. Also, this particular blade is built with a rim that uses gullets to break. Because of the segments it possesses, segmented blades are considered healthy and straightforward to use. 

Besides, these segments often allow the blade to cut quickly than other kinds of blades designed for concrete cutting. You may use this same blade to cut other rigid materials, such as bricks, along with concrete cutting.

5. Abrasive Blades

Abrasive blades are also popular forms of concrete saw blades used to cut concrete. The abrasive blades are also used to cut several toughrigid materials, such as bricks and even metal. 

Abrasive blades do not have segments or edges like other forms of blades for concrete cutting. It is cut with the help of an abrasive material such as silicon carbide or aluminum oxide to cut hardhardened materials.

6. Circular Saw Blade

Circular saw blades are used to cut hard surfaces like concrete and bricks with an abrasive or diamond blade.

However, before you start cutting, it is necessary to set the depth of the circular saw. A  circular saw effectively cuts concrete, and also leaves a smooth finish.

What is the Best Blade for Cutting Concrete?

Diamond saw blades are the best blade for cutting concrete. When it comes to making smooth, professional concrete cuts, it is the perfect blade for breaking concrete and asphalt. However, at a wide variety of price ranges, you'll find countless blade choices within this group.

When you cut hard things, you need a soft, bonded diamond blade of concrete. You need a hard-bonded diamond blade when you cut soft material, like asphalt.

Your cutting won't be perfect without a high-quality saw blade, whether you are sawing control joints, improving the concrete with elegant grading, or cutting off existing concrete for fixing or reconstruction. 

You can not depend on only one kind of blade to do all cutting tasks correctly or perform the same job in different types of concrete blades.


These are numerous diamond cutting blades for concrete available in the market. If you choose to use some of these tools to cut concrete, you may be required to purchase the one that suits your needs or rent from a hardware store.
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