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Types of Metal Cutting Tools

Types of Metal Cutting Tools

Metal cutting tools have an essential role in the manufacturing industry. These are nothing but the machining equipment that shears, cuts, drills, punches, grinds, and presses. Machine tools are the power-driven metal cutting or forming machines used to change the workpiece to the specified size and shape by cutting away the unwanted sections, controlled electrical machinery process, pressing, sealing, drawing, or shearing. The metal cutting tools are operated either manually or with automatic control. 

What are Different Types of Metal Cutting Tools?

There are various types of machine tools available in the market, including handheld metal cutting toolsthick metal cutting tool, etc. The metal cutting machines include - lathe, drilling machine, miller, boring machine, grinding machine, machining center, etc. This article shall discuss the various sorts of metal cutting machine tools.

Metal cutting tools have the primary purpose of removing leftover material from a manufactured piece of metal using shear deformation.

There are mainly two types of metal cutting tools that are typically used; single point tools and multi-point tools. 

  • Single-point tools are mainly used to obviate extra material by cutting edges within shaping, turning, and other related procedures. 
  • Multi-point tool may be a part of crucial processes like grinding, drilling, and milling. 

Sheet Metal Cutting Tools List

Here is the metal cutting tools listIn this article, we have mentioned all the essential cutting tools in metal work application. Following are the tools for cutting metal:

Die Cutting Machines

These machines cut shapes out of paper, chipboard fabric, and other materials. These machines are placed on the highest of your crafting table and stored in a small area.


Drills are a primary tool that's used for creating round holes. It rotates and moves in no time and is capable of creating a hole in hard metal. it's fitted with a bit; some power drills also include hammer function.


A punch may be a hard metal rod and features a sharp tip at one end and features a blunt end at the opposite and is typically struck by a hammer. Carpenters mostly employ it to strike because it can quickly cross the hard metal and drive objects like nails into the metal.


It's a rotary tool that's utilized in metalworking. These reamers are designed to enlarge the dimensions of a previously formed hole.

Cutting taps

Machinists employ cutting taps to make internal threads. It's suitable for removing materials from the tapped hole. Cutting taps are very versatile and may be used with different types of materials.

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    Types of Cutting Tools in Workshop

    Types of Cutting Tools in Workshop

    From the center of a car to an airplane's components, Cutting Tools transform the metal into reliable precision parts. Machining cutting tools range from rough cutting equipment as a chop saw or grinder, to programmable, production-oriented machines, just like the metal mill. Here are all types of metal cutting tools used for industrial-level projects.


      If you've ever wondered how to turn stairway posts, the lathe is the answer. The lathe of a machinist functions as a wood-burning table but gives the facility and precision for milling metal. Mount the fabric at each end of the lathe, then turn the lathe and press the cutting edges against the material because it rotates. you'll also manually clipping edges against the fabric or program and operate the cuts via computer input.

      Drill Press

        The drill press bores precision holes, reams openings, and cuts threads. The drill press features an arm that suspends a drill over a stationary base. Put the fabric at the bottom, then activate the drill and lower it through the material. Drill presses lower on a hard and fast axis; they cut precisely straight up and down.

        Milling Machine

          A machine otherwise referred to as metal mills, milling machines ask a spread of metal cutting and shaping machines which will be specially built, commercially available or proprietary. Programmable milling machines that perform numerous cutting operations on various axes are called CNC machines. Most milling machines feature mobile, rotary cutting tools that pierce, cut and shape a bit of fixed material.


            The grinder is among the metal cutting hand tools that spin abrasive or sharpened discs to grind, shape, and cut materials. The grinder's portability allows it to chop and shape in areas where stationary cutting tools cannot.

            Chop Saw

              The Chop Saw Wheels maybe a rough stationary cutter, which will be wont to cut materials to length. A chop saw features a spinning abrasive or sharpened blade suspended from an arm above a fixed base. When lowered, the blade cuts through material resting on the bottom during a chopping motion.


                Welding tools use an ultra-hot, concentrated flame to chop through the material. A welder's flame can melt its way through hard and thick materials without physical resistance. However, this usually leads to rough or dirty edges.

                Handheld Rotary Tools

                  The spin attachments of rotary tools, called bits, are used for carving, cutting, reaming, and deburring. Handheld rotary tools usually weigh but a pound and, because their attachments are small, are often wont to complete detail or precision work by hand.

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