What are Cartridge Rolls, Types, and Their Applications

December 31, 2020

What are Cartridge Rolls, Types, and Their Applications

What are Cartridge Rolls


Cartridge rolls are coated abrasive rolls that are useful for sanding and finishing spaces that are difficult to access. The cartridge rolls are used on inside surfaces and inside corners on high-speed grinders. It has an aluminum oxide-coated material that can provide a dynamic method of hand sanding, especially in metalwork.


Cartridge rolls are a perfect abrasive tool for reaching around corners, where more extensive diameter tools cannot process. The cartridge roll’s wrapped layers continuously reveal fresh abrasive layers every time for the repeated cutting process.

A cartridge roll contains a cloth-backed strip rolled around a cylinder to give us a new layer as the outer layer disappears. These cartridge rolls are made of different materials, such as aluminum oxide.  These abrasives are perfect for mixing, deburring, and polishing high-tensile cloth.

Sandpaper cartridge rolls have broad applications for general polishing and edge breaking to clear flash and machine tool marks.


There are mainly three types of cartridge rolls: straight rolls, tapered rolls, and tapered cone points.

Straight Cartridge Rolls

Straight rolls are suitable for inside diameters, dead-end holes, and lapping operations to finish operations. Their self-renewing wearing feature to reveal another layer through the first layer of abrasive grain makes them an excellent blending method. They are available for any kind of application in a wide variety of sizes and grits.

Tapered Cartridge Rolls

Tapered rolls are usually helpful for fillets and irregular contours. It can reach deep into angles and corners when keeping the roll at a 45-degree angle. The larger abrasive surface is given when the angle is decreased and results in a faster cut. 

Every roll of the tapered cartridge rolls is tightly rolled, creating a balanced instrument that maintains a real core that can withstand high speeds.

Tapered Cone Points

Tapered cone points are applied for blending, polishing, and deburring all metals and composites in manufacturing and maintenance processes. The cone shape makes it easy to reach every possible area of the workplace that enables greater accessibility.


Standard abrasives cartridge rolls are excellent for sanding and finishing. The cartridge rolls are used on inside surfaces and inside corners on high-speed grinders. The aluminum oxide coating on cartridge rolls provides a flexible hand-sanding process, especially in finishing the metalwork.

On inside surfaces and inside corners where other abrasive types do not reach for flash removal and polishing, cartridge rolls are usually used. They have to be used on high-speed air machines to get a suitable surface grinding speed because of their limited diameter.

Some of the other typical applications of cartridge rolls include:

  • Blending tool mark removal
  • Flash removal
  • Deburring
  • Polishing of metals
  • Displacing machining marks
  • Edge breaking
  • Long-lasting

The sandpaper cartridge rolls often have a multi-layer helical structure, and as each layer wears, they reveal sharp new cutting abrasives. Their form is acceptable for finishing operations, irregular concaves, contours, dead-end holes, and channels. They also assist with deburring, removal of blending tool labels, and removal of flash.

While deburring standard abrasives, cartridge roll breaks down to expose the next abrasive layer. For extending the product life, cotton is the primary backing cloth. Few cartridge rolls are composed of abrasive resin bond fabric, which helps minimize loading for a lasting application.

Availability Of Cartridge Rolls

Coated abrasives cartridge rolls are available in aluminum oxide as well as zirconium and ceramic oxide form. There is a variety of roll sizes available, from standard dimensions of 6 to 19 mm in diameter and 25 to 50 mm in length.

According to the application, cartridge rolls are available in both straight and tapered shapes. To fit the cartridge rolls, several stores also provide a cartridge roll mandrel.

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