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What are drill bits and their types?

What are drill bits and their types

Many jobs around the house require a hole of some kind to be drilled - whether it's putting up a shelf, building a cupboard, or hanging a light-weight fitting.

What are Drilling Bits?

Drills are handy tools, useful for everyone, from a DIYer to professional craftspeople. However, to ensure that you don't destroy the material you're attempting to drill into, it's imperative to use the right drilling bit.

The right sort of drilling must be used, it must be used correctly and sharpened as appropriate.

For basic requirements, a group of hot-work steel twist drills and a few masonry Bits will probably be sufficient for the typical handyman.

Good quality drill bits are often expensive, so look out for them, keep them during a case or box if possible, instead of allowing them to come around loose during a toolbox where the cutting edges could also be damaged.

Learning how to sharpen drill bits is cost-effective, it is better to stay a touch sharp by occasional sharpening instead of waiting until it becomes blunt. 

Types of Drilling Bits

Types of Drilling Bits

The market has many of them, and sometimes it's difficult to work out which one works better for you.

To help you create your pick and complete your drilling process successfully, we've gathered the best famous and significant drilling bits and drill bit sets available.

Here Are the Popular Foremost Sorts of Drill Bits 

Twist Bits

The twist bits are the foremost popular ones, and you can find them easily in the market. Both hand and electric drills enjoy these bits.

It has edges at the front to chop the materials, while the spiral design gets obviate debris, which will begin your work. This Best Drill Bits for Metal are used for timber, plastic, certain sorts of metals, and other materials.

These step drill bits are better for drilling in wood, and it's not recommended to use it on metals. The Twist Drill Bits accompany a titanium nitride coating, and you'll recognize it due to its color, almost like gold. This Drill Bits for Metal coating increases the bits' standard by adding a protective layer that permits it to figure on metals successfully.

  • They are the foremost simple bits, but they're highly effective
  • Optimum design for both cutting and cleaning
  • Works for various materials, like timber, plastics and lots of more.
  • Available with HHS and steel 
  • Titanium nitride coating improves their quality
  • Available in different sizes
  • Different sharpening methods

Masonry Drill Bits

The masonry bit features tungsten carbide, bonded to a spiral steel shaft, is designed for drilling brick, concrete, stone, and lots of other masonry materials.

Some manufacturers use a bronze alloy for the cutting point, rather than tungsten. These are less popular, but many of us prefer it over the opposite, and other people tend to call it durium tipped bits.

While you use the masonry bits in power drills, you can use it during a hand brace with the proper effort.

For more rigid materials, it's better to drill at a slow rotation speed. It avoids overheating, and it allows you to try to quick stops to get rid of dust or debris lying around.


  • Capable of drilling all kinds of masonry materials, including bricks, stones, concrete, and more
  • Compatible with power drills, hand brace, and powerful hammer drills
  • Longer masonry bits available to drill masonry walls
  • A drill sharpener and a grindstone work well to sharpen them

Splur Point Bits

Commonly mentioned as a wood bit, it's a central point, and a few raised spurs to take care of the bit during a straight position while drilling.

Using it with an influence drill ensures quality cuts for timber, leaving a smooth and clean hole. People often use it to drill holes for the edges due to how perfect the holes are.


  • Perfect for wood or plastic
  • Quality results
  • Different sizes

Bullet Pilot Point

These bits are almost like the spur point bit. The most significant difference is that the bullet can undergo metal also as plastic and wood.


  • Works through metal, plastic, and wood
  • Clean holes
  • They share an identical design, but the bullet point is more accurate than the traditional twist bits

Tile Bit

For ceramic tiles and glass, the tile bit features the bottom tungsten carbide tip. You'll use a handheld drill, but an influence drill with a different speed works better for it.

There are some considerations to stay in mind. For example, while drilling glass, it's better to use a lubricant, like turpentine. It's the simplest method to keep the tip at a traditional temperature.

These bits are hard to sharpen due to the hardness of tungsten carbide. It takes a high amount of effort and tons of patience, but you'll sharpen its edge with an oilstone.


  • Compatible with hand and power drills
  • Great for drilling glass

Flat Wood Bit

These bits work only with the facility drill. The Flat Wood Bits are capable of drilling larger holes and producing holes with a flat bottom. Of course, to figure on larger projects, you're getting to need a strong Drill Bit for Wood compatible with this bit.

While using the flat wood bit, you ought to wear your protective gear. The bit produces splintering that would hurt you and, therefore, the table where the fabric is lying.

To sharpen it, you can use the oil stone or a grindstone.


  • Powerful bit for giant projects
  • Produces a flat bottom
  • Compatible with powerful drills
  • Plenty of sharpening methods


The variety of Metal Drill Bit allows us to figure on many materials to style our projects. Before buying them, confirm they're compatible together with your projects and your hammer drills. Otherwise, you'd have wasted your money, and therefore the material could find yourself ruined.
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