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What is File Tool and It's Uses?

What is File Tool and It's Uses

Files are utilized to cut, smooth, or remove small measures of metal, wood, plastic, or other material. Files are made in different lengths, shapes, and cuts. Every file has five sections: 

the point, edge, face or cutting teeth, heel or shoulder, and tang. The tang is utilized to connect the idea about American pattern files. The tang is molded into a handle and is usually knurled on Swiss example files. American design files are utilized for fast removal of material and where an accuracy finish is not required. Grades of coarseness are jerk cut for heavier work, second-cut and smooth-cut for finishing work, and dead smooth-cut for an extra-fine finish. Different types of files tools are used for different applications.

Some Common Metal File Tools and Its Uses

Metal File Tools and Its Uses

Single-cut files

This metal file tool is utilized with light tension for smooth surfaces or to put a sharp edge on cutting surfaces. 

Double cut file

They are used under heavier strain and where harsher finishes are admissible. 

Bended tooth files

It is used to cut across the face and smooth surfaces aluminum, bronze, lead, babbitt, zinc, and plastics.

Mill File

Mill metal file tool is tightened directly in width and thickness for around 33% of it’s length. They are single-cut with one whole edge. They are utilized to hone factory or circular saws and for draw-filing or completing metals.

Pillar File

Pillar files are like hand documents that fit as a fiddle but are much smaller. They are double-cut with one uncut edge. Column files are utilized to file in spaces and keyways.

Round File

Round files tighten marginally toward the point. Round-cut files are 6 inches and longer. Round files are utilized for filing roundabout openings or hollow surfaces.

Square File

Square files tighten marginally toward the point on all four sides and are double cut. They are utilized for documenting rectangular openings and keyways.

Taper File

Taper files or three-sided files, are tightened toward the point on each of the three sides. They are utilized for documenting saws having 60-degree point teeth. Tighten files come in regular, thin, extra thin, and twofold extra thin and usually are single-cut.

Three Square File

Three-square files are tightened toward the point on all three sides and are twofold cut. They are utilized for filing internal points and for wiping out square corners.

All the files are mainly used for the finishing of the metal surfaces. There are various types of metal files available, each having different features and uses. So, opt wisely.
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