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What is Resin Fiber Discs & Its Types?

What is Resin Fiber Discs

Fiber discs are one of the foremost popular sorts of abrasive grinding and finishing products. When used correctly, they will do precisely about any grinding application that wheels can do it all comes down to using the proper disc for your application.

What is Resin Fiber Discs?

Resin Fiber Discs are far and away the top popular coated abrasive product utilized in the industry. Constructed with an important vulcanized fiber back, they're covered with abrasive grains and bonded with a troublesome, heat resistant resin. It leads to a durable, calm, and fast cutting action. The right sort of grinding abrasive is out there, so you'll select the materials best suited to your specific applications. Usually, only the diameter, grain size, and mineral type need to be specified. 

Resin fiber discs are available in multiple styles. Variances include the diameter, the arbor hole size, the form of the disc, and the arbor hole's shape.

Types of Resin Fiber Discs

Types of Resin Fiber Discs

The abrasive grain is what's doing the addition of any abrasive product. The grain utilized in a fiber disc determines the disc's cutting speed, life, and cost-ratio. There are four types of abrasive grains used for resin fiber discs:

Aluminum Oxide

Alumina is the most familiar abrasive grain and delivers excellent cut rates and sturdiness. This Aluminum Oxide Resin Fiber Disc is a popular and commonly used abrasive grain that tends to lower the user's initial cost.

There are three fiber discs contains AO abrasive grain:

  • AO – Open coat: Economical choice for general-purpose grinding and finishing
  • 2A – Closed coat: For general purpose grinding and finishing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • 3A – Closed coat with grinding aid: For general purpose grinding of chrome steel and aluminum


Zirconium, the foremost popular grain utilized in fiber discs, features long-life when used in high applications that include blending, deburring, and weld removal. Generally, Zirconia Resin Fiber Disc products tend to possess 2-3 times the lifetime of their alumina equivalents. 

There are three fiber discs using zirconium as abrasive grain.

  • AZX: It is an economical choice for fast grinding and finishing application
  • Z-Closed coat: For aggressive stock removal and long life on ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • 3Z-Closed coat with grinding aid: For fast and efficient grinding of chrome steel and aluminum


Ceramic grain's maximum productivity and performance are tough to beat. Ceramic grain easily removes material and is the right choice for users who want to urge work done faster. The unique structure of ceramic grain, with significantly more fracture points, allows for more cutting power. Because of its self-sharpening nature, ceramic features fast stock removal, less friction, and cooler grinding. Ceramic Resin Fiber Discs makes ceramic ideal to be used on heat-sensitive materials and high-tensile alloys, also as steel.

Five fiber discs are utilizing ceramic as abrasive grain:

  • 7AS – Ceramic Blend: Unique blended ceramic fiber disc for economical grinding
  • 7S – Closed Coat: For very aggressive stock removal and extraordinary life on steel and alloys.
  • 9S – Closed coat with grinding aid: for top performance grinding of chrome steel and aluminum
  • 7- II and 9- II: Unique, high concentration ceramic grains utilize the superior advanced grain technology for the very best performance level. Features speedy stock removal, long life, and skill to be used in the initial, demanding applications. These products pair alright with a rigid backing pad for max performance. These are going to be available in 36+, 50+, 60+, and 80+ in late 2018.
  • 7- II: For best in school performance on steel and other ferrous metals. Ideal for welds, burrs, and any application where heavy stock removal is preferred.
  • 9- II: For best in school performance on chrome steel and other heat-sensitive metals. Ideal for welds, burrs, and any application where heavy stock removal is preferred, and minimal heat generation is required.

Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide features a unique grain structure; its abrasive grain can cut very quickly due to the sliver the shape of the grain. While relatively fragile, this structure makes it ideal to aggressively grind concrete, marble, granite, and other stonework. It performs alright on tough metals (cast iron, carbide, etc.) and titanium.

  • C -Closed Coat: Available in 7" from 16-400 grit for each application from heavy stock removal to fine finishing. A unique recessed center hole prevents the locking nut from marring the workpiece.
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