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Can You Use A Belt Sander On Concrete

Can you use a belt sander on concrete

Yes, you can use a belt sander on concrete. You can either grind or sand concrete surfaces using several types of sanders. For instance, a belt sander can aggressively grind down concrete, while You can use a conventional orbital sander to smooth and level a concrete surface.

In addition, you can shape a concrete surface by removing layers of concrete using an angle grinder or grinding wheel. Use proper safety gear, such as safety glasses, eye protection, dust masks, and hearing protection, when sanding or grinding concrete surfaces. To ensure you operate the equipment safely, read the instructions before using it and take the necessary measures.

How to Sand Concrete? What Kind of Equipment required?

Concrete Preparation for Sanding Depending on your taste, you can use an orbital sander or wet and dry sandpaper to sand concrete that will be exposed architecturally.

Can Concrete Be Smooth After It Has Dried Too?

Surfaces of hardened concrete can be rounded off by mechanical or chemical means. The techniques employed are wet rubbing and dry grinding. Fins and markings left by concrete forms are eliminated by wet grinding on dry concrete surfaces. The surface is incredibly smooth and plaster-like due to the water and rubbing action raising a cement paste.

As a result, you might be wondering how to sand a concrete floor by hand.

Concrete Sanding and Scuffing Methods

  • Add a few drops of dish soap to a pail of warm water and swirl thoroughly.
  • Covering windows and doorways with plastic sheeting may prevent dust from entering other rooms in the house.
  • To complete the task, attach the fine grit of 180-grit sandpaper to the end of a pole sander, hand sander, or floor sander.
  • It removed the floor dust with a second pail of water that contained dish soap.

How Should Concrete Be Hand-Sanded?

Concrete that has been dry sanded and still has a cement-cream surface can be wet sanded quickly and efficiently by hand using 320–400 grit silicon–carbide wet/dry sandpaper, as seen in the photo. Silicon carbide may easily abrade the surface without destroying the cream finish because it is much tougher than concrete.


Decide on the grit of your sandpaper, if necessary, once you've chosen the tool you'll be utilizing. You should seek 800 grains or greater for the straightforward task of polishing concrete because the higher the grit of the sandpaper, the finer the finish. You'll probably need sandpaper belts with a 40- to 60-grit rating to remove pockets. You might need several different types of paper to get the desired result.

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