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What are the Different Types of Sanders?

Different Types of Sanders

The term “Sander” will not sound alien to you if you are a do-it-yourself person or a professional contractor. But if you are new to this term, a sander is a portable tool for cleaning, polishing and making the surfaces clean. Basically, if you want to clean or finish any surface, the sander is the thing that will do it all for you. 

Be it a wooden surface or a metallic one sanders clean, finish and polish the rough edges and uneven surfaces that are a must for furniture and floorings. There is a wide variety of sander present in both the online and offline markets. Various sanders can be used for completing various construction tasks. 

How to use Sanders?

Using a sander is not rocket science. Though a basic knowledge of using it is required. If you are a new bee, you might get confused with the usage of an electric sander. The way or technique of using a sander depends primarily on what task you have before you and what kind of sander you are using. Some sanders use electricity for running while some are used for manual application. It is very easy to use a sander whether it is electronic or for manual use. The only thing that matters the most is using proper gears to protect yourself from injuries while using an electronic sander especially.

Types of Sanders

Your objective for using a sander determines what kind of sander you will need. There are numerous sanders available in the market for everyone like the beginners in the DIY world and the professionals. Basically, the most used sander are of 3 kinds: Disc Sander, Orbital Sander, and Belt Sander.  Yet here we are providing a list of various sander that you may use.


The most basic sander that you must have seen. There are numbers mentioned on the sandpaper which denote “Grit”. The higher the number, the finer sanding you will get. This is mainly used for manual work and small house jobs for achieving a greater finish.

Hand Sander

This sander can be used for bigger gigs than household ones. This sander prevents wearing out of your wrists. This one is a great alternative for the hand sander where you can work slowly, yet the efficiency is higher. 

Palm Sander

Designed for a small project, this sander provides an uber comfortable grip to perform the job with utmost ease and efficacy. The sanding paper that you fit in the palm sander decides how accurate and fine your work will be. The paper shall fit fine on the device for the best results.

Orbital Sander

When you are into masonry work, this sander definitely will be on the top of your list! The orbital sander is used for the finer details. Works perfectly on the larger pieces of wood and to attain an even and clean finish. 

Belt Sander

A belt sander is similar to a disc sander and helps in grinding down wood and soft metals. Having longer sanding belts than other table sanders, the wearing down might be slow with this one but the finish is greater. The advantage is that the angles for application are more adjustable.
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