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Who Invented The Belt Sander

Who Invented The Belt Sander

We use sanding belts to grind in our daily job, but are you familiar with their past?

Coated abrasives, also called sandpaper or abrasive cloth, are used in grinding when using sanding belts. The first sandpaper was invented in 1760, although it could only be operated manually then. Sandpaper and emery cloth mechanical use did not begin until 1900 to 1910. 

It was initially applied in the wood industry as an endless sand belt. The first iteration of belt grinding used this mechanical process with an infinite emery cloth belt. Abrasive belt grinding evolved into metal processing after 1930.

In Weapon production during World War II, the United States grabbed the lead and saw clear benefits from abrasive belt grinding. Beginning in 1950, the development of the electrostatic sand planting method propelled belt grinding to the next level, and its use grew more widespread. 

Several research and development projects involving belt-grinding technology were carried out simultaneously in Europe and Japan. As a result, belt grinding technology eventually evolved into a separate processing technology sector with complete categories and technical systems.

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