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Shala Shepherd (@focuswelds)

Welcome to this week's #benchmarkspotlight (formerly the #weldershowcase) - we had the opportunity to sit down with Shala from @focuswelds and talk a little shop.
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Enjoy and Grind On!



Name:  Shala Shepherd

Business Name:  Focus Welding

Location: Rolla, MO 

Socials: IG: @focuswelds FB: focuswelds

Tell us about yourself - what inspired you to get into your trade? And how long?
I knew traditional college was not for me, I wanted to provide a good living for myself and my family. I have always been a numbers guy, so reading blueprints was something that I really enjoyed. I've been a certified welder for 14 years. 
  What keeps you motivated throughout the day?
My family, the opportunity to give back to my community and the freedom of being my own boss. 
What is your favorite shop tool and why?
My Boss Plasma Table!
  What's your favorite piece that you've worked on?
A custom dinner bell for a good friend, and local restaurant owner! This is an incredibly well thought out graduation gift! The topography is all the mountains these brothers have climbed together! 
If you could have any job as it relates to question 1 what would it be and what would you do with that?
One day I would like the opportunity to teach the next generations of welders, I look forward to hosting interns, and hiring people with a passion to learn!
What BA product is your favorite and why?
The t27 flat flap disc, I like the clean consistent quality. In this photo, you see my 12 year old son and his grandpa (my father in law) sanding parts for a big project we had last September. 
What BA product surprised you in terms of quality - what about it set it apart from the competition?
Again, the flap discs. I have used pretty much every product similar on the market and I always come back to BA, the price is really great. 
What tips and tricks do you have for us that might be different or eye opening for others to try with BA product?
We would like to see a better option to use the point system. Special buy opportunities. 
If there was one person you could collaborate with - who would it be and why?
Dr. Eric Thomas, his story is so inspiring. His NO quit attitude is always a motivation to me
Do you have any advice for the next generation that you wish you had when you first started?
Give yourself time to grow, don't try to walk in the other guys shoes. We all have a different story of how we got to this point.
What are your future plans for your shop?
We would really like the opportunity to offer production plasma cut parts for large suppliers.


A Note From Leo
Thanks for sharing your story with us, Shala!
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