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What Are Auger Bits and Its Types?

What is Auger Bit and Its Types

An auger drill bit is a drilling device that is employed for creating holes in wood. It comprises parts like a rotating helical screw blade to drill and take away the drilled out material. It's going to have a guide screw on the tip to draw the bit into the wood using less force. Also to the different varied patterns of an auger bit, this tool is produced during a range of styles to drill through wood and as specialist Auger Bits that will drill through a spread of various materials both inside and outdoors and there are various types of drill bits available.

    Types of Auger Bits

    Here ere are various types, and styles of auger bits. Each auger bits has unique designs to eject chips from the opening during drilling.

  • Wood-boring auger
  • Triple-fluted wood bit
  • Carbide-tipped auger bit
  • Concrete auger
  • Ice auger
  • Earth auger
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    Benefits of Using an Auger Bit

    • Auger bits have the potential 
    • Drilling deep.
    • Drilling neat uniform holes.
    • Prevent the clogging of boreholes
    • Auger bits leave efficient clearing of excelsior as a result of their broad and deep flighting.

    How to sharpen an auger drill bit?

    Wood auger bits are often already sharpened, while titanium-coated drill bits are coated with titanium nitride, gold in color. If these auger drill bits are sharpened, then the coating is going to be affected. On the other hand, the Cobalt bit is alloy material, and if you point an auger bit, you've got to take care not to damage the bit.

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    Best Auger Drill Bit for Wood

    Every sort of woodworking project requires making holes in the wood. Like the medium, the projects' surface, many things play a crucial role in drilling a hole. Since the wood is softer than metal, therefore the wood drill requires less force than metal.

    Titanium and cobalt bits are useful for a wood project. But they will be a touch too strong for wood projects so that they shouldn't be your first choice. During this case, the bit has some slipping risk. On the opposite hand, the coating of Cobalt and titanium will change the Cobalt and titanium's behavior.

    The Titanium-coated drill bits have reduced friction, which is best for hardwood, softwood, PVC, fiberglass, and steel. But the worth is relatively high. Cobalt and cobalt coated drill bits are used for drilling hard metal and steel.

    What are auger bits made of?

    The auger bits are now made up of higher steel for more rigid and resilient properties. These bits are softer than the bits which are made from high-speed steel. This soft property makes them popular for cutting wood. The drill bits also are made from Titanium bit, titanium nitride or titanium carbonitride coated, Cobalt or Cobalt coated. The coated bits have more strength compared to their un-coating bits. High-speed steel (HSS) is steel alloyed with cobalt, tungsten, or molybdenum, coating with titanium, black oxide, or carbide tipped.

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