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Auger bit vs Drill bit

auger bit vs other drill bits

An auger bit is a long drill bit commonly used to drill holes in wood and plastic. Woodworkers use augers to drill deep holes for a variety of applications such as wood framing, stacked furniture, gardening, and plumbing.

But, what makes an auger drill bit different from other drill bits?

Here in this article, we will go through the different aspects that make the auger bit different from other drill bits. We will also know why to choose an auger drill bit for wood, including the advantages and disadvantages of an auger bit. Don't forget to check out the pros and cons of using an auger bit?

Why Choose an Auger bit over other drill bits 

Everywhere when it comes to drilling deep holes, whether it is for making furniture or for drilling holes for gardening and planting, there is a use of auger bit. There is hardly any woodworking business where auger bit is not used. They are used for multiple applications. That's why auger bits are also known as multipurpose drill bits.  Choose the best auger bit set to fulfill your need.

The auger drill bit is most commonly used to drill deep holes in wood. The Auger bit features a sharp screw on the tip, that guides the bit in the right direction and makes drilling easier.

Auger bits have been used for centuries and are still the first choice of woodworkers.

What is so special about the auger bits that makes them so reliable and different from other drill bits?

In answer to this question, let’s have a comparison between the auger bit with other drill bits.

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Auger bit Vs Other Drill bits

How auger bit different from spade bit, brad-point bit, Forstner bit, and hole saw. Let’s know

Auger Bit vs Spade Bit

The first thing that makes augers better than spade bits is their efficiency, augers are much more efficient than spade bits, as they can borehole with more fine finishing in less time. The second thing that makes augers so special is the low drilling force, spade bits require more downward force to drill than auger bits, and for this reason, auger bits make drilling holes much easier. 

Spade bits are ideal for applications where the number of holes is more important than fine finishing.

Auger Bit vs Brad Point Bit

An auger bit is better than a brad-point bit for drilling a deeper or larger-diameter hole. Although brad-point bits have shallow spurs, which makes them an ideal bit for drilling dowels (used for furniture shelf supports).

Auger Bit vs Forstner Bit

An auger drill bit is more useful than a Forstner bit for removing waste material from a borehole (during drilling). Although Forstner bits can drill faster and is capable of producing a flat bottom hole, whereas auger bits have a larger guide screw, they cannot produce a flat bottom hole.

Auger Bit vs Hole Saw

Auger bits is ideal for drilling large deep holes, whereas hole saws cannot drill deep holes. However, hole saws are ideal for drilling larger diameter holes but auger bits can’t.

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Now when you know all the important aspects that make auger bits different from other drill bits, let's move on to the advantages of using an auger bit.

What are the advantages of using an auger drill bit?

Following are the important benefits of using an auger bit:

1. Drill Depth: Auger drill bits can drill deep holes (up to 600mm or 31") in wood. This characteristic makes auger bits ideal for multiple woodworking jobs such as drilling holes for furniture making, gardening, planting, and material mixing.

2. Quality of Holes: For better quality holes, Auger Bits have sharp spurs on the edge of the tip that drill a uniform and smooth hole throughout the complete drilling process.

3. Easy Drilling: Drilling through an auger bit does not require much downward force because it has a guide screw on top. The guide screw thread makes it easier to drill into the wood with less force.

4. Easy to Remove Waste Material: An auger bit wide and deep flight feature is useful for fast removal of waste material (wood scraps and shavings), this also avoids blockage of the hole. Single-twist auger bits are most effective at removing waste material and can deep holes without the drill bit popping out even once.

Auger Drill Bit: Pros and Cons

Auger Drill Bit (Pros)

Auger Drill Bit (Cons)

Can drill deep holes

Slow speed

Produce high-quality holes

Lack of versatility (drill only wood)

Easy to drill


High material removal rate

Easy to damage

Multiple applications

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