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How To Remove an Angle Grinder Disc

How To Remove an Angle Grinder Disc

Depending on your tools, there are various ways to remove an angle grinder disc. Utilizing the factory keys that are provided is the easiest option. There are alternative methods to draw an angle grinder disc without a tool, though if you purchased your angle grinder used, the keys still need to be included.

Steps To Remove An Angle Grinder Disc

Step 1: Cut Off The Power

You risk hurting yourself if you don't turn off the electricity. Before moving on to the following step, ensure the power is off. Turning off the power to your angle grinder is crucial to prevent harm from unintentional use. Make sure the wall outlet is unplugged from a corded angle grinder.

Remove the battery from your cordless angle grinder if you have one. Removing the battery when changing the angle grinding wheel will also make the tool lighter and more straightforward.

Step 2: Remove The Angle Grinder Disc

# Angle Grinder Disc Removal Using Original Keys

Two different flat-wrenched keys, which are included with your new grinder, are provided. One wrench will resemble a classic twist, and the other will reach a fork with two prongs. The two holes in the driving bolt between the cutting disc and the angle grinder motor should receive the pins.

The bolt should be fastened to the disc's bottom using the adjustable wrench. To stop the rotor from turning, crank the hook wrench in the opposite direction of the bottom-located arrow, indicating the direction of the rotor. Your side grinder can also have a button to keep the disc in place. You must remove the disc from the tool by turning the nut.

# Angle Grinder Disc Removal With Makeshift Keys

Clamp handles should be firmly fastened to the lock nut bolt keeping the disc in place. Use the jaws to stop the disc from turning, then place the screwdriver in the opening meant for the claws of the wrench between the disc and the angle grinder motor.

It would help if you pulled the screwdriver in the direction indicated by the arrow on the disc. Use a hammer to compel the screwdriver to turn if it comes off later.

# Angle Grinder Disc Removal Without Keys

Slide the disc using the palm of your hand in the direction indicated by the disc's arrow. By doing this, you should be able to remove the nut with your fingers. If that doesn't work, you can break the old disc into pieces using pliers to easily access the drive bolt and retention nut.

Step 3: Replace The Disc In The Angle Grinder

Like how you positioned the previous grinding disc on the drive bolt, place the new one there. It is crucial to utilize a disc designed for the specific brand and type of angle grinder you are using. Take the old disc to your local hardware shop and ask a staff member if you need clarification.

It should manually tighten the new disc in the opposite direction from how you removed the previous disc. Now, your angle grinder ought to operate correctly. After installing a new disc, you may replace the grinder motor easily.


Angle grinder disc removal is a simple process that may be done in various ways, but it is still essential to take safety precautions when disassembling the old disc and reassembling the new one.

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