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How to Sharpen Scissors with Sandpaper (Step by Step Guide)

How to Sharpen Scissors with Sandpaper

The knives and scissors are used in our daily routine in a number of ways. Due to this the sharpness of these tools reduces with usage. To restore the sharpness of these tools we require abrasive tools. Although, there are different ways to sharpen scissors by using abrasive coated cutting tools, sanding scissors with sandpaper is the most common method. 

Sandpaper is the most efficient tool to sharpen scissors quickly with ease for DIY and other projects.

But, how to sharpen scissors with sandpaper? Let’s know step by step.

How to Sharpen Scissors with Sandpaper (3 Easy Steps)

Step 1: Get a Sandpaper

Cut Sandpaper into Small Strips with a Scissor

Take the sandpaper sheets and cut them into small strips with the scissor. You can use sandpaper with the finer grit to sharpen the edges. It provides a smooth finish on the edges of scissors. You need to ensure that the rough side of the paper should be at the outside of the folded part. The process of cutting this paper will result in sharpening the edges of the scissor. To get better results and sharp edges of the scissors, double fold the sandpaper into half. 

Step 2: Fold and Cut

Keep on Cutting Sandpaper Strips

Now cut through the folded part from one end of the sheet to another to complete the cut. Keep on cutting some strips of the sandpaper with your scissor. Repeat the process 15-20 times to restore the sharpness of the scissors. While cutting the strips, start from one end and cut till you reach the other end of the paper. The sandpaper grinds both the edges of the tool and gives it sharpness.

Next, take a new piece of sandpaper and start sanding (for 10-15 min). Sand the edges in the right and safe manner. Use safety gloves if possible. Prefer lightweight sanding with sandpaper as it can leave scratches.

Step 3: Clean the Edges

Check and Clean the Sharpened Edges of Scissor

Once you complete the process of cutting the strips, It’s time to clean the edges. Check the edges of the scissors that are sharpened. Use any piece of damp cloth to clean the edges for the dust settled on the scissors. It will help to clean the scissor surface and get it ready to use for any DIY, kitchen, or any other projects.

There is a possibility that it leaves scratches on the blades of the tool or scissors used for sharpening. The hair-cut scissors with very little sharpness can be easily sharpened with the help of the above method. 

Which Sandpaper Grit is Used to Sharpen the Edge?

A sandpaper sheet with 150-200 grit is considered ideal to sharpen scissors. But to obtain smooth edges of the scissor blade, prefer fine-grit sandpaper (larger grit number).

Although, there are several types of abrasives coated sandpapers available with different grits. These are used as abrasive in DIY, household as well as industrial purposes. The grit varies from fine to coarse. There are standard grit values that define the coarseness of the sandpapers. Sandpaper fine grit is used for improving the sharpness of the scissors used for any purpose.

Does Cutting Sandpaper Damage Scissors?

The sandpaper is made of abrasive material to use on hard surfaces for cleaning and surface finishing. It is great to remove material. Works well when used on the edges of scissors or blades improves their sharpness. Its hardness is defined by the Grit value of the sandpaper. It can vary from fine to coarse.

How to Sharpen Scissors at Home?

Yes, definitely you can sharpen the scissors at home on your own. Some commonly used ways used to restore the sharpness of the knives and scissors include cutting the sandpaper with the scissor, cutting double-folded aluminum file strip, or using a sharpening stone will help for it.

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