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Paddle bit vs Spade bit

Paddle bit vs Spade bit

Is there any difference between paddle bit and spade bit, or are they the same? Most fabricators and woodworkers are still a bit hesitant to answer this question because they are not quite sure.

Let us make it clear to you, There is no difference between the paddle bit and spade bit because the paddle bit is another name for a spade bit, which is also known as a wood drill bit or wood-boring drill bit.

The spade bit has a paddle (with multiple sharp points) at the bottom therefore it is also known as a paddle bit. The paddle drill bit is used to drill through wood, plywood, thin metals, and plastic material.

Today through this article we will know some more important aspects related to paddle bit and spade bit.

Spade Bit or Paddle Bit

A spade bit, also known as a paddle bit, is a wood-boring drill bit (that is flat) with two sharp lips, two spurs, and a center point. The Irwins Tool Firm first designed the paddle bit in 1968, and its simple design makes it easy to remove waste material from boreholes.

The spade drill bit has a paddle on the bottom with numerous sharp points and a sharp bottom edge that spins around the wood instead of drilling through the material in a spiral. Use paddle bits to drill holes perpendicular to the surface. Do not use them to drill angled holes.

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Paddle bits are not designed to cut metals. They are only used on wood, plywood, plastic, and various other materials. However, some spade bits can cut thin, sheet metals. Start drilling at a high speed to avoid catching the drill bit in the workpiece when drilling through the wood. Paddle bits sizes range from 1/4 inch to 1-1/2 inch in diameter.

How Does a Paddle Bit Work?

Paddle bits have a wide and flat blade so they can drill larger diameter holes. They are commonly used by electricians and plumbers to drill holes in studs in walls for wire and pipe installation, however, an auger bit and hole saw bit is also used for this but at the cost of additional time. A paddle bit can drill several holes in less time.

Let us now know, how does the paddle bit work? Click to get more information.

Difference Between Paddle Bit and Spade Bit

What is a Wood Paddle Bit?

A wood paddle bit is a wood-boring drill bit, used to cut and drill through all types of wood. If you are a beginner, the paddle bit is a must-have drill bit. Since this drill bit has a wide, flat blade, these bits can drill larger diameter holes more easily. Apart from this, they can save you time by drilling more and more holes in less time. They are most commonly utilized for rough work where speed is more important than hole quality. Try our Forstner bit set for the nonstop woodworking job.

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What Does a Paddle Bit Look Like?

A paddle bit looks like the paddle of a boat and is made of tool steel. Tool steel is a type of steel with a high carbon content that is designed to be hard and strong. The paddle bit has sharp points on both sides of the shaft. In addition, the paddle bit also has a sharp-edged center point at the top that guides the movement of the drill bit.

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