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Spade Drill Bits Care And Maintenance

Spade Drill Bits Care And Maintenance

To extend the life of spade drill bits, you need to pay attention to their proper maintenance and proper storage along with regular sharpening.

Blunt bits are prone to overheat, and as we know spade bits do not have a specific mechanism, as in the Forstner bit, to remove waste material from a drilled borehole. So if the drill bit gets too hot, it can scorch the wood scraps lying in the borehole.

Steel drill bits are easy to re-tempered at home. To sharpen and re-temper them, you'll need to uncoat them, although spade bits are cheap enough that you can easily replace them with new ones.

Let's know what you have to do for the care and maintenance of Spade Drill Bits for a long time.

Avoid Using Spade bit on Nails and Other Materials

Do not use a spade bit to drill through nails and other materials, as they are only designed to drill wood material.

When drilling through wood, if your spade bit comes into contact with a nail, you should stop drilling immediately to avoid damage. Use pliers or other tools to remove the nail from the workpiece. You can also choose another area to drill in your workpiece.

Drilling through the nail can flatten and deform the spade bit, although you can fix it by sharpening the drill bit with a metal file or bench grinder.

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Protection From Rust

Spade bits, like other wood drill bits, should be stored in a dry place. Keep them away from damp areas. This will keep them from rusting so that you can use them for a long time. Sharpening spade bits regularly can also save them in some cases, but this does not apply to all types of drill bits.

How to Store a Spade Bit?

It is necessary to store the spade drill bit set in a separate rack or case so that they do not collide with each other, as this can damage the delicate parts of the drill bit, such as the lips and spurs. Apart from this, if they are placed together or with other materials, then their sharpness can also be reduced.

How to Remove Stuck Spade Bit From Wood?

There are three common ways to remove a stuck spade bit from wood.

  • Use a plier to remove the stuck spade bit (we recommend using a locking plier).
  • Use the screw extractor tool to remove the stuck spade bit.
  • Drill from the opposite direction for easy removal of the stuck spade bit.

Also, if you are drilling with a power drill, reverse your drill direction to remove the stuck drill bit from the wood.

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