What Are Wood Boring Drill Bits And Their Types

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What Are Wood Boring Drill Bits

Drill bits are cutting tools used to make holes in various materials. Wood, metal, plastic, ceramic tile, and other materials. Wood Drill bits are used to create cylindrical holes by removing material in wood. Drill bits are mostly circular and twisted. Drill bits are composed of many different materials like Carbon steel, high-speed steel (HSS), cobalt steel, Tungsten carbide, and polycrystalline diamond(PCD), based on different applications. 

Drill bits have a coating of black oxide, titanium nitride, and titanium aluminum nitride.

Most of us struggle with deciding whether or not to use a specific tool when it comes to drilling bits. Drill bits are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Each drill bit has a unique feature used for a specific job. 

Selecting The Right Wood Drill Bit

Drill bits are the most commonly used tools when working with wood. Woods are of two types- softwood and hardwood. When it comes to choosing the right wood drill bit, the type of wood has a big effect. The HSS drill bit can be used to drill softwood, but as the hardness of the wood increases, it must be matched by the drill bit hardness. Titanium or black oxide-coated drill bit is perfect for drilling hardwood.

Types of Wood Drill Bits

You can choose from different types of wood boring drill bits:

  1. Twist drill bits
  2. Brad-point drill bit
  3. Auger drill bit
  4. Self-feed drill bit
  5. Installer drill bit
  6. Forstner drill bit
  7. Hole saw
  8. Spade bit
  9. Plug cutter
  10. Countersink drill bit

Twist Drill Bits

These are the drill bits that are most regularly used. Twist drill bits can cut various materials, including plastic, wood, steel, and concrete. A common household item. Twist drills are produced in large numbers.

They are easily recognizable due to their cylindrical structure. It can come in different price ranges, and black oxide-coated bit is affordable, whereas carbide bits are quite expensive. When it comes to drilling wood, a quality pair of high-speed steel (HSS) bits should work.

Brad-Point Drill Bits

As the name suggests, Brad-point bits are made for drilling and boring clean and precise holes in both hard and softwoods. They have sharp spurs on the tips that assist make a clean hole in the exact area. They look similar to twist drill bits, but when you look closely, you notice two spurs at the center, which helps make a nice and clean start.

Auger Drill Bits

Auger bits have a screw in the front that pulls the bit forward when drilling. These auger bits also cut or break nails as they go through. Make sure the auger drill bit does not spin faster than 600 rpm. Specially designed for wood and plastic drilling.

Self-Feed Drill Bits

Self-feed bits are similar to auger bits but more aggressive, with a screw at the tip helping in the bit's passage through the wood. Self-feed bits are used to drill big holes that are both clean and rapid.

Installer Drill Bits

Installer drill bit, also known as a hanger wood drilling tool, is used to install phone lines, cables, and much more through the interior and exterior walls. Installer bits typically have a hole towards the front of the bit for pulling wire and their long length.

Forstner Drill Bits

Forstner drill bits are designed to cut clean flat bottom holes, whether it's 90 degrees or at an angle or even overlapping holes that hang off the edge of a workpiece.

Hole Saw Bits

Hole saws are often used to cut holes with a big diameter. Hole saws are typically installed on arbors or mandrels that attach to a drill driver to cut a clean hole in the material. They come in a variety of sizes based on application. These hole saw bits are also used to drill out locksets for doors. Hole saws are available for both wood and metal.

Spade Bit Drill Bits

Spade bits are flat drill bits with a pointed head used to bore up to 1-inch holes in wood. The sharply pointed head helps in bit positioning and stability. Spade drill bits are among the best drill bits for wood.

Plug Cutter Drill Bits

Plug cutters are used to cut plugs into the wood and then use those plugs to join two pieces together, giving the object a good finish.

Countersink Drill Bits

The countersink drill bit is used to drill a pilot hole in the wood piece while also countersinking the screw. Countersinking will give an object a high-quality finish.

I hope the above list clarifies the various types of wood drill bits and their applications. Choosing the right drill bit will improve the material's efficiency and durability.

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