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Auger Bit vs Spade Bit vs Hole Saw

Auger Bit vs Spade Bit vs Hole Saw

“Auger bits are long drill bits used to drill holes in non-metallic objects such as wood and plastic. If you want to drill deeper holes you will need an auger drill bit. Whereas spade bits are used to make a large number of holes faster and easier. Spade bits are less expensive and time-saving drill bits. However, if you want to drill through metal, you will need a hole saw. A hole saw bit produces a clean hole and less mess than spade bits”.

A drill bit is used to drill holes in a variety of materials, including metals and non-metals. Non-metallic materials such as wood, plastic, metal, ceramic tile, porcelain, and concrete. Whereas metal materials include aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper, sheet metal, fiberglass, etc.

Drill bits are designed in such a way that they can perform different functions and therefore different sizes of drill bits (depending on diameter) are available. In addition to drill bits, a hole saw is also used to drill holes in wood. Although a hole saw bit is not similar to a drill bit, its purpose remains the same. 

What makes drill bit and hole saw different? What’s the difference between them? What’s the difference between auger bit, spade bit, and hole saw?

Let's start by looking at the two most common types of drill bits (auger bit, spade bit) and hole saw used to drill holes in wood.

When to Use: Auger Bit vs Spade Bit vs Hole Saw

The use of drill bits is primarily determined by the drilling purpose for which you use them.

When to use an auger drill bit?

If you are looking for a deeper hole, choose an auger bit. As we discussed earlier, auger drill bits are perfect to use on plastic and wood. Auger bits make it easy to go deep inside the workpiece because of its two most important features, length and screw shape pointed tip at the top.

Therefore, if you want to drill partial and complete holes, an auger bit is the best choice. Although the speed/cutting rate is slower than hole saws or spade bits, auger bits are the best drill bits to produce a perfect long deep hole.

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When to use a spade drill bit?

If you want to make a hole as quickly as possible regardless of the quality and smoothness of the hole (such as a rough hole), you can use a spade bit. Spade bits outperform Forstner bits and hole saw when it comes to speed. 

Spade drill bits are ideal for a large number of holes in a short amount of time. This drill bit is not suitable for drilling through metal but is perfect for drilling soft materials such as wood and plastic. In addition, it is the cheapest drill bit as compared to the other three bits.

When to use a hole saw?

Use a hole saw when you're looking for a perfect (clean and neat) hole. Although it works at moderate cutting speed. Hole saws are not perfect for drilling partial holes when compared to spade bits or Forstner bits.

A hole saw bit is ideal for getting a complete hole because the drill bit passes completely through the material. Not all, but some type of hole saw are perfect for drilling holes in metal, and for this reason, a hole saw can also be used for masonry work. Also, a hole saw bit can drill more precise/correct holes than a spade bit.

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Difference Between Auger Bit vs Spade Bit vs Hole Saw

The following comparison table shows the key differences between an auger bit, spade bit, and a hole saw.


Auger Bit

Spade Bit

Hole Saw

Type of holes

Produces a deep hole.

Produce a partial and complete hole.

Produce only complete holes.


Moderate speed/ cutting.

Fast speed/ cutting.

Moderate speed/ cutting.


6mm to 25mm and widths 1/4″ to 1″.

1/4-inch to 1-1/2 inches.

1-6 inches.


Average clean holes.

Messy and rough holes cause splinters.

Clean and neat holes.


Use for drilling deep holes on wood & plastic.

Use for large diameter holes on soft material such as wood & plastic.

Use for large diameter holes on softwood and hardwood.


Moderate price



Spade Bit vs Hole Saw

A hole saw is a ring-shaped drilling tool, primarily power drill attachments. Hole saw are used to bore larger and smoother holes, these holes are much cleaner and wider than spade bit holes. Although the hole saw is not perfect for partial holes, spade drill bits are perfect for partial holes. You can use spade bits to drill a counterbore hole. but, unlike hole saws, holes are not completely closed by cutting materials.

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Auger Bit vs Spade Bit

In terms of efficiency, Auger bits perform much better than Spade bits.

The primary difference between auger bit and spade bit is that auger bits are easier to use and do not require as much effort as spade bits. Due to their unique design, the auger bit can drive wood chips/shavings out of holes more efficiently than spade bits. However, all these advantages depend on the speed of the drill. If you want to finish a drilling job in less time and the smoothness of the hole is not a priority then you can use spade bits.

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Hole Saw vs Auger Bit

A hole saw (also known as a hole cutter or hole drill bit), is a ring/round-shaped cutting blade used to bore holes in wood, plastics, and metals. Whereas Auger bit is a spiral/long drill bit used to bore holes in wood and other non-metal items. Hole saw bit cutting speed is comparatively faster than auger bit. Hole saw results in neat and clean holes when compared to auger bits. However, the hole saw produces a large round hole and the auger produces a long deep hole.


That was all about the differences between auger bit, spade bit, and hole saw. Hope you got the information you came here for.

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