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How To Clean Clogged Sandpaper

How To Clean Clogged Sandpaper

In this world, everything has a shelf life, even sandpapers. Sandpapers are generally used to sand and smooth out rough surfaces, particularly wood. As a result, it became jammed and very hard to work on. Clogged sandpaper can give more scratches to your material and work inefficiently.

Why Is Sandpaper Clogged?

I'm sure you have many questions about why your sandpaper is clogged. And buying a new one every time you work with it is impossible. So below are the reasons:

  • Due to High temperature - Heat is one of the most common causes of clogs. When you use sandpaper for an extended time, friction occurs, which causes additional heat to be produced. Another reason for generating heat is when you apply pressure on the paper. Heat causes sandpaper to clog faster in both situations.
  • Due to Smooth Sandpaper - If your sandpaper is smooth, it will clog more quickly. Make sure you use the proper sandpaper.
  • Due to High speed - Working at high speed might cause sandpaper to clog more quickly.
  • Due to Wet sanding materials - The sandpaper will become clogged if it comes into contact with wet things. Make sure you are using all of the dried material while sanding.

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How To Clean Clogged Sandpaper?

The three methods for cleaning blocked sandpaper are listed below.

  1. Using a belt cleaning stick
  2. Using a wire brush
  3. Using the sole of the shoe
  4. Using soap and water

Let's know each method in detail.

#1 Using Belt Cleaning Stick or Abrasive Stick

You can clean the blocked sandpaper with the help of an abrasive cleaning stick. Abrasive sticks, also known as eraser sticks, are rubber sticks used to clean sandpaper that has been gummed up.

Cleaning process:

  • In the sander, place blocked sandpaper. Using a belt sander, use a bend to keep it stable.
  • Turn on the sander. To sandpaper, place a stick.
  • Flip the sandpaper over and repeat the process until the blockage is gone.
  • And there you have it, whole new sandpaper.

#2 Using Wire Brush

Cleaning blocked sandpaper with this method is the simplest. All you have to do now is brush the sandpaper. Although a wire brush will not give a clean or brand new sandpaper, it will clean the sandpaper to some extent.

#3 Using The Sole of a Shoe

The most basic and least expensive of all the procedures. All you'll need is an old shoe to get started. Start by putting a sanding belt on the belt sander. Start the sander. Place the sole of the shoe on running sandpaper. If any clog remains, flip the sandpaper and repeat the process.

#4 Using Soap and Water

Another way of cleaning sandpaper is to soak the paper in mild soap for a few hours. Gently brush debris off with a steel brush. Let it dry, and you will have fresh sandpaper to use.

Note: Ensure to wear a dust mask while doing above mentioned procedures.

I hope that this information will assist you in learning about sandpaper cleaning hacks that are long-lasting and can extend the shelf life of sandpaper. So you don't have to buy a new sander every time you sand.

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