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A Beginners Guide To Metal Polishing

A Beginners Guide To Metal Polishing

Polishing, also known as finishing or buffing. Metal polishing is the process of removing dents and scratches from the metal surfaces that leads to achieving the proper shine and luster. This can be done with buffing wheels with the help of polishing or buffing compounds.

In other words, Metal polishing is a process that involves using buffing wheels and metal polishing compounds to get the appropriate cut and shining result.

Now, let’s proceed towards the method and begin with how to do metal polishing?

Step By Step Guide on How to Do Metal Polishing?

Step By Step Guide on How to Do Metal Polishing

  1. Add the tapering mandrel to the angle grinder or bench grinder & spindle adaptor to the machine.
  2. Now add the buffing or polishing wheel with a mandrel and fix it with the screw.  
  3. Start the machine for around 3 to 5 seconds while applying the polishing compound to the buffing wheel. Because the metal polishing compound is wax and abrasive, the spinning polishing wheel generates heat, causing the wax and abrasive to melt onto the polishing buffing wheel.
  4. Apply average pressure to the polishing buffing wheel or the item to be polished. We need perfect finishing on the metal surface so it is important to remove any dents and scratches.
  5. Whenever it seems (during the process) the buffing wheel is getting dry apply more buffing compound.
  6. Remove the polishing wheel once all scratches are removed and you are almost satisfied with the finishing.
  7. After that now attach the polishing quick change disc into the mandrel and fix it tightly.
  8. Repeat step 3 start the machine (for 3 seconds) and apply the polishing compound to the wheel. 
  9. Apply soft pressure to the polishing wheel and workpiece to remove the poor finishing left by step 6.
  10. Apply more further polishing compounds to the buffing wheel when requires.
  11. If you obtain the semi-bright finishing on the surface, again change the old wheel with a new cotton spiral buffing wheel.
  12. Attach the wheel with a mandrel and fix it.  
  13. Repeat step 8 and follow similar instructions.
  14. Apply medium pressure to the wheel and metal workpiece to remove the poor finishing left by step 9.
  15. Apply more compound to the polishing wheel when requires.
  16. Your workpiece should now be well finished and polished. So, switch off the machine and clean it with a microfiber cloth. Softly rubbing with a microfiber cloth will remove unwanted residue like grease or polishing compound from the surface.

Well, now you have a well-polished and finished product. The above steps were easy for beginners to get perfect metal polishing. 

Hope you are now well known for, what is metal polishing and the method of metal polishing. From precautionary and safety points follow below mentioned quick tips for metal polishing.

Top Tips For Metal Polishing

  • Constantly change the direction of polishing according to the size and shape of your workpiece.
  • Avoid unnecessary usage of polishing compounds on buffing wheels. This results in a black mark on the workpiece.
  • Always clean your workpiece with a microfiber cloth after polishing.
  • More is not always best, the same rule is applied with polishing compounds. 
  • Do not apply new or different compounds over the applied compound.
  • If you change the color of a compound, always use a new buffing wheel, unless there is a shortage.
  • If you are applying a different polishing compound on the same buffing wheel, first clean the wheel with a wire brush to clean the residues.
  • Take precautions and wear proper safety gear while working.
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