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What is a Ship Auger Bit and Its Uses

What is a Ship Auger Bit and Its Uses

Auger bits are the most common wood drill bits used to drill holes in wood. Auger bits have a spiral structure with a single cutting edge, with or without screw at the end and no spur on the outside of the cutting edge. Their pointed ends help in drilling with more accuracy.

Auger bits also have a guide screw, which makes drilling holes in wood easier. Auger bits come in numerous shapes and sizes to work with specific materials and surfaces.

What is a Ship Auger Bit?

A ship auger bit is a type of auger bit that is a wood drill bit, so it is obvious that ship augers are also used to drill holes in wood. Ship Auger Bits are made from high-quality steel and are commonly used for drilling holes in bulkhead and general woodworking applications. A ship auger bit features a self-feeding screw tip to drill clean holes through nails, wood, vinyl, plastic, and hardwood. The Ship Auger Bit features a unique double cutter and reamer edge to provide better hole quality.

Ship Auger Bit Hard center spine provides strength during aggressive drilling and the wide flute helps remove wood shavings with ease. ship auger bits have so many benefits like drilling deep, drilling neat uniform holes, preventing the clogging of boreholes, etc.

To make a perfect hole in wood, plastic, aluminum, and light steel, use our best drill bit set.

What is a Ship Auger bit Used for?

Drill Depth

Ship Augers are the perfect drill bit for depth drilling. They can drill deep and clean holes up to 600 mm in diameter in wood. This feature makes them ideal for woodworking and furniture making, construction and gardening, and planting applications.

Quality of Holes

The sharp edge spur of the Ship auger bit tip helps in making the smooth and uniform holes.

Ease of Boring

There is a guide screw on the top of the ship auger bit, which makes drilling into the wood a lot easier. The drill does not require much downward pressure due to the feature of the guide screw. After the hole is complete, the drill can be easily pulled out of the wood with the help of a guide screw, as it requires less pressure.

Easy Removal of Waste Material

The ship auger bit wide deep flighting features allow for the fast removal of wood shavings and wood scraps from holes. Like other wood drill bits., ship auger bits also prevent the borehole from clogging with dust.

Important Feature of Ship Auger Bit

A ship auger bit is designed to drill into all types of wood. It features a self-feed spur for fast penetration into the material and a dual cutting edge to improve durability. They also have a hollow center flute for quick removal of waste material. Ship Augers are heatproof and tamper-proof for maximum durability and extended life.

Following are the additional features of ship auger bits:

  • Sharp and hardened cutting edges for extended life in hard materials.
  • A wide flute removes wood shavings or dust and prevents boreholes from clogging.
  • A guide screw for aggressive and fast drilling.
  • Self-feed spurs allow quick penetration into the material.
  • Made of high-speed steel alloy for a long life span.
  • For maximum durability in nails, auger bits have dual cutting edges.

When you need a sharp and clean hole in wood, nothing can be better than a wood drill bit, and a ship auger is best for that. Ship Auger Bits are available in different sizes such as 1/2", 3/4", 7/8", and 1". 

Do you want to make a perfect and clean hole in the wood? You'll need the ideal wood auger bit. Try our auger drill bit for wood to make your job easier.

Ship auger bits are the most efficient in wood drilling and waste material removal and can bore deep holes without being pulled out even once.

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