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What is an Auger Drill bit Used For

What is an Auger Drill bit Used For

Through this article, you will know what is an auger bit, common auger sizes, what is an auger drill bit used for, and the benefits of using an auger drill bit.

What is an Auger bit?

An auger is a spiral-shaped drill bit used to drill holes in the ground, as well as other surfaces or materials such as wood, and plastic.

There are different types of auger available in the market. The auger bit is used for multiple drilling applications, as all type of auger is designed for the precise materials or surfaces to meet every need.

Common Auger Sizes 

Auger Dill Bit is available in many different sizes according to the requirements of the applications. From small handheld units to large ground bits.

In hardware stores, the auger drill bit is usually available in the following diameters:

  • 4 inch
  • 6 inch
  • 8 inch
  • 12 inch
  • 18 inch

The depth of an auger drill bit is usually 2 to 4 feet, however, some augers can drill with extended widths and depths. Drill bit function depends on the drill you use, so, choose the best drill for auger bits.

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What is an Augers Drill bit Used For?

Auger bits come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are used for several applications. An auger bit is primarily used to drill clean holes in a single drilling process. Timber construction, framing, making wooden furniture, gardening, drilling holes for planters, and other professional woodworking jobs require the use of an auger bit. Auger drill bits are mainly used to drill deep holes.

They are commonly used by woodworkers to make holes in wood to make stacked furniture, birdhouses, and other home applications.

Augers are not only limited to small applications, they also play a major role in many large applications such as drilling holes for material mixing, telephone poles, and planting. Auger bits reduce the time and effort to the borehole, also allowing for more effective workflow with better stability. 

As most people know, augers are also good for large industrial applications. For commercial purposes, augers can be used in many ways, such as:

  • A wood auger is needed to extract maple syrup through drilling into wood and maple trees.
  • Handheld augers are needed for gardening and other small home projects.
  • Ice fishing that requires gas and hand augers involves drilling holes in the ice.

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Benefits of Using an Auger Drill bit

If you want to bore a deep hole, choose an auger bit. As we discussed, auger drill bits are ideal for use on both plastic and wood materials. Because of its two most important features, length and a screw tip at the top, auger bits make it easy to drill deep inside the workpiece.

As a result, an auger bit is an ideal choice for drilling partial and complete holes. Auger bits are excellent drill bits for producing a perfect long deep hole, regardless of their slow speed/cutting rate compared to hole saws or spade bits.

  • Auger drill bits are excellent for drilling a precise hole in wood.
  • The screw feature allows the removal of wood splatters and dust.
  • Perfect for large-scale and industrial woodworking jobs.
  • Requires less pressure to drill and withdrawal.
  • Auger Bit is perfect for drilling deep holes.
  • Minimizes drill jamming or clogging.
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