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Difference Between Auger bit vs Ship Auger bit

Auger bit vs Ship Auger bit

The auger bit and the ship auger bit are wood drill bits, both used to drill holes in wood. Depending on the material and area of applications, there are some differences between auger bit and ship auger bit.

Today, through this guide we will learn about the two main wood boring bits, the auger bit and the ship auger bit, along with their uses and industrial applications. We will also learn what are these two types of wood drill bits made of?

It is important to prioritize your requirements when selecting an auger drill bit for wood. Follow all safety instructions, maintenance, and right auger bit use as guided by the drill bit manufacturer and woodworking safety protocols.

Wood Boring Drill bits

The most common wood boring drill bits are auger bits. Auger bits are also known as wood drill bits. Auger bits are widely used by woodworkers and DIY users for drilling deep and precise holes in wood.

The auger bit features a sharp helical screw to bore deep and large diameter holes in almost all types of wood. Auger bits are the most popular wood boring bits. Initially designed to be used only with hand tools, wooden boring auger bits are now available for both hand and power tools. You may have our best drill bit set for wood.

Not all auger bits are the same, as they are designed in a range of diameters and sizes to meet every demand and woodworking application. Common diameters of auger bits range from 1/4 inch to 1 inch. Auger bits are comparatively longer than other drill bits, and this feature makes them ideal for drilling deeper and longer holes. These wood boring drill bits can drill deep and smooth holes with the help of a guide screw on the top of the drill bit. The spiral shape of the auger bit removes wood shavings, dust, and debris from the hole easily.

Types of Wood Boring Auger bits

There are different types of Auger Bits such as Ship Auger Bit, Spur Auger Bit, Solid Center Auger Bit, and Pole Auger Bit. Each auger drill bit has a unique feature for easy removal of wood scraps and shavings while drilling. Based on the helical twist, there are two types of wood boring auger bits: single-helical twist bits and double-helical twist bits. Double twist auger bits are sturdy and have a fast material removal rate. These drill bit diameters range from 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

The auger bit and the ship auger bit are the two most common drill bits used by woodworkers to fulfill different industrial needs.

Next, we will discuss these two main types of auger bits.

What is an Auger bit?

A wood auger or auger bit is a drill bit used to drill holes in wood. Auger bits have a spiral/helical blade that directs the drill bit to move easily into the wood and remove waste material during drilling. It also has a guiding screw at the tip that removes the drill bit from the wood with less force.

What are Auger bits made of?

To make it strong and rigid enough to drill holes in all types of wood, auger bits are designed with high carbon steel. However, these bits are less rigid than high-speed steel (HSS) bits. But, both have their advantages, HSS drill bits are used on metals whereas high carbon steel drill bits are perfect for woodworking.

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What is a Ship auger bit?

A ship auger bit is simply an auger with a spiral body and a cutting edge with or without a screw guide at the end and no spur on the outer side of the cutting edge.

A ship auger bit has a strong cutting edge that ensures a long cutting life. A weld ship with the base material enhances the strength and durability. Ship Auger Bits are mostly made of steel alloys. They are perfect for drilling holes in any type of wood and can fastly drill up to three studs into the wood. It is easy to withdraw drill bit with screw point tip for fast drilling operation. Ship Auger Bits are used to drill deep and long holes in large timbers, decks, and telephone poles.

What is a Ship Auger bit made of?

Ship Auger Bits are made of steel alloy or premium steel material. They are designed with a machine ground hollow with a deep open throat for fast material removal. This feature makes them ideal for drilling holes in hardwood, telephone, and electric poles. With a single cutter, outlining spur, side lip, and self-feeding medium fast pitch screw point, they are single flute auger bits.

What is a Ship Auger bit Used for?

Ship auger drill bit is used to drill smooth holes in wood. They are most commonly used to drill holes in large numbers and general woodworking applications. The ship auger drill bit has a spiral drill bit head, which is used to withdraw the drill bit from the wood so that you don't need to apply as much pressure.

Woodworkers, electricians, DIY users, furniture makers, utility workers, plumbers, and many other industries use ship auger bits to drill deep holes in wood. This auger bit is ideal to use with a right-angle drilling machine.

The high carbon steel content undergoes a unique heat treatment process when drilling to provide maximum life. These make Ship Auger Bits more effective and last longer.

Do not exceed more than 600-700 rpm when using ship auger bits with a power drill.

In conclusion, both the standard auger bit and the ship auger bit are equally important wood drill bits and used as per requirement. This article was all about the difference between auger bit and ship auger bit. Hope you are now well familiarized with both types of wood boring drill bits.

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