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When to Use an Auger bit

When to Use an Auger bit

In woodworking projects, Auger bits play a crucial role. They are made of durable material to provide the ability to cut through the screws and nails. It needs to be used at slow speeds for better results. 

What is an Auger bit?

They are specially used by carpenters to drill holes in wooden articles and workpieces. The spiral-shaped drill bits are ideal to remove the wood residue from the boreholes. This means they efficiently drill the deep holes without any jamming into the workpiece. The auger drill bit for wood is designed with a sharp tip point at one end to ensure precision drilling of the holes. 

What is an Auger bit used For?

There are different types of auger bits used for a wide range of applications. Auger bits are used when there is a need for clean bores or holes in a single drilling process. This Auger bit is popular in timber construction, framing, wooden furniture making, gardening, digging holes for planters, and other professional woodworking projects.

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When to Use an Auger bit (5 Important Tips to Use Augers)

Here are the tips on when to use an auger bit.

For Timber Framing and Log Construction 

Most commonly the auger bits are used for boreholes in timber framing or beam construction. They provide smooth finished holes with easy drilling into the workpiece. The screw head on the top of the bits allows to pull ou the bits easily during the working.

For Gardening/Planting/Mixing

In gardening, the Auger drill bit is an efficient choice for planting bulbs, vegetables, potted plants, and other garden works. Sometimes it is helpful to mix cement and paints used for DIT purposes.

For Making Stacked Furniture

The professional furniture makers use the bits to drill clean holes in the wooden doors, window frames and make other stacked furniture items. Commercially Auger bits are efficient and used on construction sites for designing fencing, wooden frames, and planting areas.

For Drilling Pipeline and Electric Cable Hole

Auger bits have spurs and long spiral design construction makes it ideal for use in a thick wood. It is useful in making the channels for pipelines and electric cables. 4”-6” long auger bit is perfect for drilling holes for pipelines and electric cables.

For Making Bird/Bee House

Auger bits are used for making, bird houses, bee houses, railroad ties, drilling holes on hardwood, MDF, etc.

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What are Different Types of Auger Drill Bit?

Triple Fluted Wood Bit

They are designed to cut through the material aggressively and neatly. It is used when rapid wood stock removal is required.

Wood Boring Auger Bits

An wood boring auger bit is used for drilling in items made of wood, aluminum acrylic, PVC, etc. Most commonly used for Timber applications. 

Carbide Tipped Auger Bits

They are similar in design to wood-boring auger bits. They are used with power tools like electric drills, impact wrenches, and impact wrenches. 

Earth Auger Bit

As its name suggests, these auger bits are used to drill into the soil. The bits are very large and need powerful drivers. Useful in gardening and planting work in gardens and big farms.

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Common Auger bit Size Chart

An auger drill bit is designed in various sizes ranging from 6mm to 25mm and widths ranging from 1/4″ to 1″.

Auger bits are longer in size than other types of drill bits. The smallest auger bit available is 200 mm (8′′) in length. The longest is 600 mm (equals 24 inches/two feet). These drill bits can easily drill through hardwood, wall studs, and large tree trunks.

The earth auger bit and the ice auger bit are even longer. Such drill bit usually ranges from 150mm (6″ diameter) and 800mm (31″ long).

The small auger bits are easily powered by the standard power drill. The sizes of Auger bits between 4 inches to 8 inches in diameters require more high output power. 

Standard Auger Bit Sizes are-

  • Diameter Sizes (Standard Auger): 1.5″ 2″ 3″ 4″ 5″ 6″ 7″ 8″ 9″ 10″ 12″ 14″ 16″.
  • Large size augers (For long deep holes) are

Auger Length

Hole Depth















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