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How Do I Adjust A Belt Sander?

How Do I Adjust A Belt Sander

A motorized tool called a belt sander sands wood. They range from big floor refinishing belt sanders to small hand-held furniture refinishing belt sanders. No matter how big or small a belt sander is, it always has two rollers.

The first belt sander supplies the belt with power, while the second maintains the belt's tension. The belt moves as it spins on the rollers because it is disconnected from the sander. When your belt has shifted so much that it isn't tracking straight, you should adjust or fix it. You should also adjust it when wearing your first belt.

Steps To Adjust A Belt Sander


Examine the belt's diagonal seams. You must replace the belt if it frayed. You must adjust the belt if it is not frayed and appears in good shape.


To swap out the belt, open the tensioning lever, which is situated on the side of the sander between the two rollers. It can be released by drawing it away from the sander and outwards. The belt will become slack after the lever is released.


Slide the belt to the sander's side to remove it. Replace the belt, then tighten it again by moving the lever toward the sander.


Turn the belt sander's power on and watch the belt ride direction, whether it shifts to the left or right. This is to adjust an old or replaced belt. Offset the power.


Find the knob close to the front roller. The tension lever, the knob, and the on/off switch should be the only controls on the sander. You should turn the knob about half a turn anticlockwise to loosen it if the belt is sliding towards the side of the sander it is on. Turn the knob about half a turn clockwise to tighten it if the belt is moving away from the side of the sander that it is on.

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