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All You Need To Know About Forstner Vs. Auger Bit

Forstner Vs. Auger Bit

For working with wood, a good drill bit is needed. Now, there are, in fact, dozens of various sorts of drill bits out there, each of which is meant for its specific purpose.

Today, we are here to seem at two specific types – Forstner and auger bits. Neither of those is your average drilling bit, and both look very particular. Let’s find out what their purposes are and what the differences between them are.

Forstner and Auger Bits: The Fundamentals 

Forstner Bit

    Forstner bit is a spurless wood drill bit used primarily for drilling blind holes. The defining feature of a Forstner drilling bit is that the indisputable fact that it's the power to drill a flat-bottomed hole as against regular drill bits, which create a pointed hole.

    Auger Bit

      Auger Bits were first invented to move very difficultly to move materials. Initially, augers seemed like very long screws that twisted upward, transferring whatever material from bottom to top. These were often wont to transport things like water. The significant wood auger bits drill intense holes intending to remove all of the material that it cuts loose. In other words, this sort of drilling bit excels at removing the excelsior from a hole, thus leaving it clean and prepared to figure with.

      Forstner Bit vs. Auger Bit: What Are the Differences?

      Alright, so now that we all know what both Forstner and auger drill bits are, let’s take a fast check out the most differences between them.


        The auger drilling bit usually being for much longer than the Forstner bit.

        Material Removal

          Auger bits are specially designed to drill intense holes while removing all of the fabric they break away. Auger bits for hardwood are ideal for drilling smooth, straight, and clean holes.

          Tool Compatibility and simple Use

            The indisputable fact that auger bits are quite a bit easier to use and are compatible with a broader sort of tools.

            Main Applications

              Forstner bits are used to drill clean and clear flat-bottomed holes, with the most purpose being for hardware installation.

              On the opposite hand, Auger bits are designed to drill very deep and long holes, generally to hollow out a neighborhood for things like inserting cables and pipes.

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