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10 Incredible Drill Hacks You Need To Know

Every do-it-yourselfer keeps a few tools in their tool bags, such as drills, hammers, knives, and screwdrivers. They aim to maximize the potential of your resources. For instance, in the past, drill machines were exclusively used to drill holes in walls. However, recently, many DIY enthusiasts have begun to modify their drills.

So, in this article, we'll talk about some clever tricks that can simplify your life. You'll learn how versatile your drills are that way. You may simplify your next DIY project by using these simple tool hacks.

10 Incredible Drill Hacks

1. Use A Drill Bit As An Electric Can Opener

Working in the kitchen can be very challenging, especially if you cannot open any cans. You may use your drill as an electric can opener to make the process quick and straightforward. To access the handle axle on a manual can opener, remove the handle. Use the axle to open the can by placing it in the drill's chuck.

2. Use A Drill Bit For Power Cleaning

Many people may find this crazy, but a drill can make cleaning jobs go more quickly. Attach a brush to your drill's assortment of attachments, and when you use the drill, the brush will do all the cleaning for you with little work on your part. Using this technique, you may thoroughly clean nooks and crannies in your house and workplace. Additionally, you can change the drill's speed to prevent breaking any delicate materials.

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  • 3. Use A Drill Bit For Pilot Holes

    Sometimes the material you work with is temperamental and prone to splitting when struck with a hammer. Drilling a pilot hole is the best way to prevent this split. Selecting the proper size bit is a crucial consideration that you must make. You can fix that problem by starting your pilot hole with a nail. To achieve the required outcomes, loop the nail's head and place the nail's body in your drill chuck.

    4. Use A Drill Bit As A Fruit And Vegetable Peeler

    This hack can be beneficial despite having the silliest sounding name on the list. To begin, insert a pre-washed screw into the drill's chuck and use it to penetrate the fruit or vegetable's core. Let the drill rip while holding the peeler against the fruit or vegetable skin. Like apples, fruits with a firmer core lend themselves best to this hack.

    5. Use A Drill Bit As A Buffer Or Grinder

    Now that you have a cloth buffer in place of your drill bit, you can polish and clean anything, from your everyday shoes to pricey diamond jewelry. Additionally, you can tip the drill over and use a metal strap to fasten it to your workstation. Depending on your attachment, you can use it as a disc sander, buffer, or grinder once it has been fixed.

    6. Use A Drill Bit As A Magnetic Screw Holder 

    This tip could save your life if you are one of those people who frequently lose or struggles to recover fasteners or drill bits from your pocket. To keep screws and other small metal components close at hand while working, dab a little amount of hot glue on the frame of your drill and connect a powerful magnet in the ideal location.

    7. Drill Glass Easily

    Creating a precise hole without destroying a smooth surface when drilling on it can be very challenging. Some materials are pliable enough that a hole can be created with a nail set or a punch. The sturdier materials, however, are those made of glass. You can use this easy trick to make things simpler. Always keep some thick cardboard and painter's tape in your tool bag.

    Put some tape on the cardboard and drill where you want to. Then, use a low-speed carbide-tipped bit to create a divot in the material. The cardboard will keep the bit steady so that it can drill the ideal hole. After making the hole, you can throw away the cardboard and continue as normal.

    8. Use A Drill Bit As An Easier Depth Stop

    You've probably seen the technique of marking a drill bit with electrical tape when you need to stop a hole at a specified target depth. But that tape could start to seem pretty ragged if you're drilling numerous holes. And when that occurs, it ceases to be a precise depth stop. Instead, mark the target depth with a permanent marker to get considerably more use before it deteriorates. When your job is complete, clean the drill bit with some paint thinner or Goo Gone, and the ink should immediately come off.

    9. Use A Drill Bit As A Super-Long Bit Extender

    You occasionally require a drill bit with a little bit more reach. An extension is available at the neighbourhood hardware store but is expensive. Why not develop your extender if you only need it for a one-time or short-term project?

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  • 10. Use A Drill Bit To Collect Dust From Dixie Cup

    It isn't easy to drill directly overhead. The "chaff" or waste material from the hole will fall downhill, virtually certainly falling on you and wearing on your arms and shoulders. Drilling into drywall is very annoying in this situation. Thankfully, this simple technique will help you stay clear of all that clutter. Make a hole in the bottom of a Dixie cup or similar tiny paper cup. Mouth up, slide it over your drill bit. The trash will then fall into the cup as you drill!

    These are several quick and effective drill hacks that you can utilize daily to simplify your work. You must now know the significance of drills and their various applications. You can buy one for yourself and use it for various things.

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