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5 Best Metal Working Files You Need to Get Started

5 Best Metal Working Files

The craftsmen and professionals are always in search of something perfect for their unique projects. There are several types of metal hand files used in metalworking, woodcutting, shaping, and finishing tasks. To pick the one suitable hand file for your DIY and other projects is a tedious process.

Our team has done some research to help you with important information about cutting and shaping file tools. You will get to know about different types of metalworking hand files along with their features and uses in detail.

Different Types of Files and Their Uses

Flat Files

It is a great tool for beginners to use for simple DIY and other industrial projects. The precisely designed flat files have a flat surface on both sides. It is mainly used for shaping, filing the larger and flat areas of metal, finishing the edges, and deburring the edges. This flat file for metal is most commonly used for sharpening knives and to smooth materials quickly. 

Benefits of flat files
  • At home, the single-cut file is generally used to file fingernails.
  • Shaping the corners of metals, wood, and plastics.

Half Round File

A half round file is designed with one side rounded and the other is kept flat. The round shape is useful in deburring or cleaning the convex surfaces and hollow shank. The file is not only used for rings or round surfaces but is good for removing the scale, welded joints, shaping, and finishing the corners. The 8 inch Long Half round file is mostly used to create cutouts and shape the metal frames at different angles. 

Benefits of half round file
  • The tapered shape of the hand file is ideal for filing round surfaces or holes. 
  • A double-cut pattern makes it perfect for ample material removal.

Crossing File

The shape of the file is very much similar to the half round file. The curved radius on both sides of the file makes it slightly different from the half round file. It features a pointed edge at the end. An ideal metal file for deburring the inside of the shanks, holes, curved surfaces. The tapered shape at the end with a double cut pattern makes it an efficient and uniform stock removal hand file. For DIY and professional metalworking crossing files are a good choice. 

Benefits of Crossing File
  • Easy to create a variety of curved shapes, finish the frames, cutouts, etc.
  • The tapered end of the file is suitable to use in tighter spaces and concave surfaces as well.

Barrette file

The Barrette file is mostly used for wider surfaces, narrow edges, and outside curves. Easy to use hand file is triangular and tapered in thickness as well as width. Only the bottom side of the double-cut file has teeth for any abrasive actions. 

The hand file is effective and leaves a flat, smooth upper surface. And the smooth side keeps the adjacent surfaces safe from any removal of material.

This feature of the metal barrette file is helpful in professional metal shaping and finishing tasks. It decreases the risk of any unwanted material removal while working on metal or wooden items.

Benefits of Barrette file
  • Excellent for precision work.
  • More useful when you need to avoid damaging your design and get good accuracy.

Round File

The Round files are mostly used for cleaning the rounded holes, circular openings,  finishing, and deburring concave surfaces. Hand file with rounded shape is tapered at the point. It allows easy access to various hole sizes to complete the tasks of deburring or finishing. The metal working files feature a double cut pattern, which helps in the rapid removal of material. The round file has high coarseness for fast-cutting action. 

Benefits of Round File
  • Suitable for jewelry making to create different patterns on the rings and bracelets. 
  • The round file is useful in sculpting tasks.


The above information about the different types of metal files will surely help you to pick a suitable metal file. You can perform many tasks with these metalworking and woodworking hand files. Choosing a good metal file would let you complete the Deburring, shaping, surface cleaning tasks easily. Check the sizes, shapes, and cuts of the hand file tool before using any of it.

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