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T27 VS T29 Flap Disc

T27 VS T29 Flap Disc

Metalworking has a significant role in today's world, as I frequently mention in my articles. Using the right tool will help you achieve perfection. Flap discs mounted to an angle grinder or a die grinder are the most regularly used tools in metalworking. Flap discs come in different shapes and sizes according to work specifications. Flap discs are available in a variety of forms and sizes, depending on the job.

In this article, we'll compare two popular flap disc types: T27 and T29. They both have a similar appearance yet perform differently. Let's begin with the flap discs.

What is a Flap Disc?

An angle grinder is used to attach a flap disc, which is an abrasive instrument. Flap discs are frequently used in metal finishing processes such as polishing, grinding, sanding, shaping, and contouring. A flap disc is also used for removing paints from the material and smoothing edges.

A flap disc is a backing plate with overlapping abrasive "flaps" bonded radially. It features overlapping sandpaper pieces attached to a round disc with a hole in the middle.

Flap discs are made up of numerous flaps of abrasive materials that are placed over each other, unlike typical grinding wheels, which are completely flat. These flap discs are available in a range of forms, grit levels, and materials. Among all, two types are majorly used for working with metals: T27and T29.

What Are Type 27 And Type 29 Flap Discs?

Next, we will discuss all T27 and T29 Flap discs including their similarities and differences.

# T27 Flap Disc

T27 is a flat-shaped flap disc that is used to finish flat surfaces smoothly. They function best at a 0-15 degrees angle. They are incredibly popular and widely considered the best option for blending and smoothing.

# T29 Flap Disc

T29 is a flap disc with a slightly curved form that is commonly used for edge shaping and contouring works. T29 works best when angled between 15 and 25 degrees. It grinds more aggressively than the T27 flap disc because of its curve design, which helps remove stock from the material.

Similarities Between T27 Flap Disc and T29 Flap Disc

  • They work both on metals
  • They are both used to work with specific grinding tools. Flap discs are the attachments and they work by attaching them to an angle grinder or die grinder.
  •  They both come in a variety of sizes to work with different types of grinders for a specific job.

Because of their overlapping design, they are the best alternatives to traditional grinding wheels, which are suitable for quick work.

Differences Between T27 And T29 Flap Disc

Differences Based On

T27 Flap Disc

T29 Flap Disc


Flat shaped, better for a flatter surface

Slightly angled or curved, best for working on edges


Blending smoothing and sanding

Shaping and contouring


Between o-15 degree

Between 15-25 degree

You will be able to operate more efficiently and successfully now that you understand the differences between T27 and T29 flap discs. To summarise, T27 is excellent for flatter surfaces because it blends and smoothes the material, and T29 is best for rough surfaces because it removes and shapes the edges.

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