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What are Different Types of Hole Saws?

A Different Types of Hole Saws

Different Types of Hole Saws


A hole saw or hole cutter is a specialist drill bit type designed to allow the user to bore out a circular hole with a wider diameter than would normally be produced by most standard bits.

Types of Hole Saws

Each type of hole saw can cut a select range of materials, some of which are far more durable and effective than others.

1. Carbon Steel 

A DIY specialist or enterprising home improver, a simple general-purpose carbon steel Hole saw that performs effectively. While not the most durable, for use with softer materials, including wood, non-laminated plastic, and plasterboard, carbon steel hole saws are suitable.

2. Variable Pitch Bi-Metallic 

Bi-metal construction increases protection by eliminating the risk of breaking, so consider them to be a decent step-up to deal with or operate over longer periods with slightly harder materials. Many boast high-speed steel-reinforced teeth for quicker cutting, and variability allows you to cut according to your chosen material at different speeds. Best suited to non-laminated plastic, plasterboard, hardwood, plywood, and non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum, zinc, and copper).

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3. Deep Cut Variable Pitch Bi-Metallic 

The deep cut variable pitch bi-metallic hole saw drill is not coincidentally called and will have a cut depth of up to 42.5 mm. Otherwise, the properties and advantages of the regular bi-metallic are preserved.

4. Constant Pitch Smooth Cut 

The smooth cut hole saw of constant pitch uses high-speed steel with a rugged alloy body. Hardened, abrasion-resistant, and heat-resistant, they are made of stainless steel, tools, and mild steel for cutting. Also working well are plasterboard, wood, and thin plastics. The hexagonal shank will sport a slight indentation, something to remember. Nothing to think about, only locking the shank into place helps.

5. Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT)

Tungsten carbide tipped teeth are suitable for those who expect to use their hole saw regularly and for extended periods, offering fast cutting action and excellent durability. 

This Wood cutting tools TCT sometimes used as the multi-purpose option of the building industry, they cut through all woods, plastics, tiles, and metals. For personal use, maybe not quite required, but undeniably good to have.

6. Welded Shank Soffit Cutter

The base plate is welded to a non-detachable arbor, and the saw is made of high-speed steel with a variable tooth pitch. Large diameter makes them appear tailor-made in soffit boards for cutting vent holes, and they work well with plywood, metal, and PVC.

7. Diamond-Edged Hole saw

These hole saws are either polished or infused with diamonds to display a conspicuous absence of teeth. The hardness and durability are excellent, so no barrier is high heat and persistent resistance. Generally speaking, you can use them to drill into ceramic tiles. Though heat resistant, you can cool them in water periodically.

8. Multi-Hole Saw 

Built to be used for cutting a number of different diameter holes, when it comes to material, the multi-hole is notoriously undiscerning. They can all be sliced into the wood, non-laminated plastics, plasterboard, chipboard, plywood, and non-ferrous metal (except stainless steel).

Applications of Hole Saws 

There are several different types of Hole saws and accessories available for different kinds of applications and working surface. Few of them are-

  • Drilling holes for wiring and cable routing runs.
  • Make cutouts for downlights, fittings, or light fixtures in ceilings for placement.
  • Fitting sinks, baths, and worktops with taps and other hardware.
  • Projects for general joinery, woodwork, and DIY projects.
  • Installation of duct runs or drainage pipes through kitchen units and walls.
  • Boring into masonry for better ventilation or waste removal purposes.
  • Installing door and cabinet hardware, including handles, locks, and rails.
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